Bread Packing Machine Horizontal Pillow Type

The bread packing machine is a pillow type packing machine, it is used for bakery, chapati, toast, cookies, cakes, cup cake, rusk and so on. If you want to get the factory price, please contact, 0086 133 0206 3626


Technical Features for pillow type automatic bread packing machine

1. Double frequency conversion controller,luggage span could be setted and also cutted at 1 measure,saving the time and movie;

2. Interface features simple and quick setting and functionality Self collapse identification,clear collapse screen;

3. High-sensitivity photo electric eye shade tracing,numerical input of clipping back sealing place for estra precision;

4. Temperature independent PID management,more appropriate for packaging distinct substance;

5. Positioned stop Feature,without adhering knife or squandering movie;

6. Simple driving method,Dependable functioning,easy to preserve;

7. All control is accomplished through applications,easyto work technical and adjusting upgrade.

Type:Multi-Function Automatic Bread Packaging Machine
Applicable Industry:Bread factory
Packaging Type:Bags,film
Bag length:65-190mm,120-280mm
Packing rate:50-240bag/min
Film width:≤320mm


After Service For Automatic Bread Packing Machine

1. Absolutely free product warranty for a year.

2. A bunch of sporting elements is supplied at no cost.

3. Provide English setup instructions and circuit diagrams.

4. Provide whole setup video information along with parts gathering video, multilanguage explanation.

5. In a few nations, you’ll find concerted agents that offer spare parts and offer longterm service earnings.

6. An remote guidance product sales agency team to supply 24hour on the web guidance services such as engineers.

Follow a manual added link
Follow a manual added link