Bread Packing Machine Horizontal Pillow Type

The bread packing machine is a pillow type packing machine, it is used for bakery, chapati, toast, cookies, cakes and so on. If you want to get the factory price, please contact, 0086 133 0206 3626


1. Pack the bread according to the established procedures;
2. Using high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, the sealing and cutting position is more accurate;
3. Temperature independent PID control, suitable for PE, POF and other packaging materials;
4. Reciprocating end-sealing mechanism, the sealing is firmer, and the die-sealing cutter has no loss;
5. Intelligent operating system, self-diagnosis of faults, easy to use;
6. Using the human-machine interface, the settings are clear at a glance, reflecting the needs of humanized design; the packaging effect is perfect, and the image of the product is better improved;
7. The bread packing machine has fast packing speed, reaching 20-75 packs per minute

Follow a manual added link
Follow a manual added link