Stick packaging coffee powder bag packing machine for sale

Coffee bag packing machine is one type of powder pouch packing machine, it can effectively prevent coffee from becoming damp. This coffee machine can be used not only for powder but also for coffee bean, and it produces a variety of bags, including sticking packing, pouch packing, sachet packing and so on. 3 side filling and sealing, back side filling and sealing, continious bag filling and sealing are available.

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coffee powder pouch sachet packing machine

Check out the following video on how to use coffee powder packing machine

Video for coffee powder pouch packing machine

Video for multi line coffee powder stick packing

Video for  3 side sealing coffee sachet packing machine

Advantage of coffee powder bag packing machine:

1、Strong moisture resistance: the coffee packaging equipment is suitable for processing bags made of a variety of composite materials, sealing and cutting packaging in one step, will not damage the mouth of the bag, resulting in gas leakage phenomenon. The whole drip coffee bag machine is equipped with inflatable equipment, inert gas filling process and sealing and cutting process together to complete.
2、Reasonable planning: compared to the general powder packaging machine, equipment in addition to sealing and packaging powder products process, but also can actively complete the product measurement, print the production batch number and other product information, so that a machine multipurpose, the machine parameters stable operation, button switch operation is clear.
3、Applicable standards are wide: the equipment for 5g-100g of different standard powder products packaging, if other standards are required on the basis of the standard machine, load-bearing parts and assembly, according to the specific parameters in the HD contact operation screen can be set.
4、The choice of double independent weighing hopper weight: strong anti-interference ability, not easy to be affected by the outside world, feeder in the work can be adjusted according to the specific gravity of the material itself: high precision, fast.
5、Complete dust collection system skills, effectively ensure the cleanliness of the container and the whole machine, contact screen control, English operation interface, intuitive and convenient operation.

Type of coffee powder packing machine: capsule making machine pod packaging machine vacuum packing machine

Below pictures are design for powder packing:

Coffee powder packaging machine is beautiful and elegant, convenient to remove the residue, weighing bucket selection hook can be directly disassembled to facilitate cleaning, is your ideal choice.

We take coffee as an example, in the face of coffee powder production packaging, we can choose coffee powder packaging machine, the packaging machine than other general packaging machine, the advantages are obvious, the equipment can be applied to coffee, but also for the sugar, punch, rice, sugar, salt, pepper, seasoning, instant drinks, laundry detergent, beans, desiccant, tablets, peanuts, walnuts, monosodium glutamate, soybeans, seeds, melon seeds.

It is widely used in food, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceuticals, etc. It can finish the process of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, blocking, printing production date, cutting easy to tear, etc.

If you are ready to expand your coffee factory, or to reduce labor costs, or to open a coffee shop, buying an automatic coffee powder packaging machine is very necessary.

It not only can prevent moisture, but also can make the packaging exquisite and increase the customer’s desire to buy.

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