color clay packing machine

Color clay packing machine

Colour mud machine is formed by squeezing, forming, slitting, and then automatically packaging and printing the date. The whole process is automatic. It has the characteristics of fast packaging speed and cloud-like stability. It is suitable for all kinds of rubber clay, plasticine, color clay, and clay types. Fast tracking and accurate solving of plasticine packaging waste, packaging materials, packaging difficult technical problems, slow running speed, the pillow packaging machine is simple to operate and easy to use (various single or multi-color plasticine molding packaging production lines can also be customized)

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Material: chrome-plated iron (the feeding device is stainless steel) The diameter of the extruder ranges from 1.2 to 3 cm (more than that can be done, but the motor and screw must be increased)
Program control, convenient and simple, the length of the extruded mud can be controlled in the program. The extrusion system can be tracked online with the packaging machine; it is mainly composed of a screw and a barrel, which is a key part of the extruder. The color mud is squeezed in the extrusion system to make the fluid uniform, and it is established in this process under pressure, the extruder head is continuously quantified and pressured by the screw
Color mud pillow packing machine, color mud cutting machine transmission system: drive the screw, so that the screw can obtain the required torque and speed in the working process, composed of various large and small gears, transmission shafts, bearings and motors.

color clay packing

Color clay packaging machine, color clay small-scale production line Color clay machine, color clay cutting machine, traction device: its function is to evenly pull the machine, and control the cross-sectional size of the part to make the extrusion process stable

Shaping device: Its function is to stabilize the colored mud extruded from the machine head according to a predetermined shape and finish it, to obtain a more accurate cross-sectional shape, size and bright surface.

The control part of the color mud extruder adopts our advanced programmable controller. Its powerful control function and flexible modular structure can meet the control of various types of extrusion equipment. It can be combined with our packaging machine to form a color mud production line; The human-machine interface and large-screen color display can conveniently monitor and operate the neat equipment; the speed control part uses frequency conversion speed control device, and the vector control performance can ensure the stability and synchronization of each part of the extrusion equipment.

In order to prevent the barrel from being extruded and friction heating, too high temperature will cause the colored mud to heat up, a cooling device is used, and a cooling water tank is used for spray cooling.

Color mud packaging machine, small color mud production line:

1. The cooling device adopts the characteristics of the inner diameter sizing method; the inner diameter has high dimensional accuracy and the inner surface is of good quality, which is conducive to the flow of materials, but the outer surface is not beautiful.
2. Fault alarm function, which can display the cause and location of the fault
3. Color mud extruder, horizontal single screw type for color, has the following characteristics
1) The heat generated by friction is small
2) The shear force of special materials is relatively uniform
3) Large output capacity and relatively stable extrusion volume
4) The barrel cleaning is more convenient

Main features for color mud packing machine:

1.The color mud packaging machine adopts servo drive and is operated through the touch screen.
2.It has high operating efficiency, stable transmission and simple operation.
3.It is suitable for the outer packaging of various solid OPP, PE, CPP, POF and other films.
4.The color mud machine’adopts advanced microcomputer packaging controller and excellent man-machine dialogue mode enable,making the speed, bag length, and cut-point position detection to be directly displayed on the interface.
5.This model has the function of automatically adjusting the position of the object, at the same time it solves the problems of instability and slow speed encountered in the original old double frequency conversion technology, which greatly improves the stability of the standard by photoelectric detection.
6.Two-way tracking can effectively clear the packaging errors, avoid material waste, new vertical sealing heating, can be sealed at low temperature, reduce the shutdown of the hot film, it can adjust the bag device andlong and short pitch, it is easy to change varieties.

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