commercial towel laundry shrink wrapping machine

Towel laundry shrink wrapping machine is mainly used for shrink wrapping services for bed sheets, pillow towels, quilts, bath towels, towels, tablecloths, work clothes, gloves, blankets etc. in hotels or laundry rooms. As a famous Chinese brand, SHUNTIAN is the leader in this industry.

There are three main types of this laundry machine, manual L shrink wrap machine, fully automatic L shrink wrap machine, and fully automatic sleeve shrink wrap machine.
These machines can all achieve the purpose of shrinking and environmental protection, but their speed is different, resulting in different product prices.

Here we introduce one of the most common automatic L shrinking machines, which is a cost-effective laundry shrink wrapping machine.

1.It is equipped with automatic film feeding and punching device, without manual operation, after setting the machine parameters, it can automatically complete batch flow operation.
2.It is equipped with an adjustable product feeding and conveying table, and the size of laundry or towels and bath towels can be adjusted arbitrarily.
3.The sealing knife is made of special grade aluminum alloy with high temperature resistance, no adhesion, no cracking, and no smoke.
4.Products of different sizes such as towels and bath towels can be packaged together for promotion.
5.The conveyor belt is all covered with PTFE heat insulation pipes, which will not burn your hands or damage the film.
6.The use of stainless steel heating tube, energy saving and high efficiency (over 15% of electricity), and the shrinkage temperature and the motor transmission speed are stable and adjustable

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