Cucumber Shrink Wrap Machine

Cucumber is a very common fruit, but in order to keep it fresh, a cucumber shrink wrap machine is generally used to shrink it. It is one of l sealer shrink wrap machine.

The cucumber shrink wrap machine consumes little power during operation, and can be operated continuously for a long time without causing the surrounding environment to become too hot.

Cucumber functions as a seal after shrink packaging by a heat shrink packaging machine. After sealing and cutting a variety of food packaging, the machine automatically transports it to the shrinking furnace through a belt.

The height of the conveyor belt can be adjusted to different heights. It is stable and reliable by compressed air. The seal is neat and does not coke or crack, and the product after shrink packaging is not only beautiful and generous, but also saves packaging costs. The machine has air-tightness, dust-proof, moisture-proof and other functions.

Cucumber shrink wrap machine accurately controls the sealing time through a time relay to improve the quality of the sealing. The entire sealing action is controlled by pneumatics.

It is equipped with semi-automatic and automatic functions, which reduces the work intensity and improves the work efficiency.

The cucumber shrink wrap machine can be ordered according to the customer’s needs, and it can produce 10-60 pieces per minute. If calculated according to the working time of 8 hours per day, it will produce 28,800 pieces.

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