Detergent washing powder packing machine price

Detergent washing powder packing machine is a kind of automatic pouch packing machine. It has the features of simple structure, easy control and cheap price, which has been widely recognized in the packaging of laundry detergent.

Laundry detergent packaging machine is generally composed of metering and filling device, unrolling device, traction device, heat sealing bag-making device and cutting device, etc. The price is from 2500usd-28500usd


Washing powder pouch sachet packing machine

Check out the following video on how to use detergent washing powder packing machine

Video for powder weighter filling and packing machine

Video for auger filling powder packing

Video for  3 side sealing milk sachet packing machine

Video for volume cups type filling and packing machine

Advantages of detergent washing powder packing machine:

1. PLC computer control, can store ten groups of parameters, no stop to make adjustments to the parameters, convenient to change varieties.
2. High precision film pulling and accurate positioning.
3. Vertical washing powder packing machine is suitable for all kinds of compound film.
4. Various packaging styles, back sealing, 3 side sealing, 4 side sealing, continuous sealing and so on.
5. Frequency conversion speed control, automatic opening of sealing knife when the machine is turned off, which can control unnecessary waste.

pouch packing for washing powder

Technical Parameters

Model DXD- 100H DXD- 500H DXD- 800H
Sealing Back/3 sides Back/3 sides Back/3 sides
Packing speed(bags/ min) 20-60 20-60 20-50
Bag size(mm) L50-170

W50- 120

L50- -200


L50- 200

W50- 280

Filling range(ml) 10- 100 100- 500 100-800
Power(v/kw) 220V/1 .8KW 220V/1 .8KW 220V/1 .8KW
Weight(kg) 300KG 350KG 400KG
Dimension (mm) 790*600* 1780 1300*930*1850 1300*1080*2100

Below pictures are  design for powder packing:

How do you guarantee the quality of laundry detergent washing powder packaging machine?

1. We test and record the whole process during the production of our products.
2. We use foreign advanced parts to assemble the washing powder machine, which has a longer service life.
3. When the product is delivered for use, we will provide you with maintenance manuals and configuration parts to ensure your installation is easy.
4. One year warranty period, during the warranty period the machine condition, we will replace the parts for you free of charge, in the warranty period accident, you only need to pay the freight, we provide you with parts at cost.


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