Disadvantages of shrink wrapping and packaging

There are many types of heat shrink film, the more common ones are POF, OPS, PET, PE, PVC and other heat shrink wrap roll.

Do you have the questions? What is the disadvantages of shrink wrapping? What is the disadvantages of shrink packaging?

Today you’re going to learn the disadvantages of shrink wrapping and packaging

In fact, there are more than 10 points of disadvantage shrink wrapping and packaging I’m going to share with you:

  1. Some heat shrink films are very soft when used in summer, and become hard in winter.
  2. Some heat shrink films tend to absorb dust and become opaque.
  3. Some heat shrink films have a short service life and are easy to age, they cannot withstand wind and frost and sun exposure, and the surface is easy to crack.
  4. The packaging cost is relatively high, about twice that of transparent film three-dimensional packaging.
  5. The heat shrink film needs to be perforated and exhausted, so the moisture-proof performance of the packaging is poor.
  6. It can’t meet the demand of the packaging of biochemical drugs, fat-soluble drugs and vaccines that are strictly limited in the production
  7. Compared with the three-dimensional packaging of transparent film, the heat shrink film has a larger volume (due to the location of a shrinking oven) and a relatively large area.
  8. It is necessary to consider that the shrinkage rate of the graphic image is the same as the shrinkage rate of the shrink film in order to be accurately reproduced.
  9. The ink used in heat shrinkable film label printing must also have a certain shrinkage rate in order to accurately reproduce graphics and text.
  10. Since heat shrink film labels must undergo shrinkage during the printing process, and barcodes can only be read with accurate reproduction, they must undergo strict design and printing quality control. Otherwise, the bar code quality will be unqualified or unreadable after the pattern shrinks and deforms.

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