Double twins bag salt and pepper sachets pouches packing machine

Double twins bag salt and pepper sachets pouches packing machine

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Type:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set
  • Model:DXD-KS2

This equipment is an automatic packaging machine is one type of automatic pouch packing machine, used for for aviation disposable small bags and granules independently developed by us according to market demand.

Micro cup measurement, breaking through the measurement range of traditional measuring cups. It can pack 0.1 grams of salt and pepper.

Using a simultaneous blanking device, one packet of single-does pepper and one packet of single-does salt, the packaging speed is more than 2 times higher than that of ordinary equipment on the market, the mechanical operation is stable, and the operation is simple.

It is currently the first innovative product on the market!

Check out the following video on how does double twins bag packaging machine work

The aviation food pellet packaging machine is mainly used for: small particles in food or other industries, which need to be packaged separately according to A and B products. A and B can be automatically packaged according to different packaging weights and 2 packages are connected together.

twins bag packing
For example, our company produces more aviation food packaging machines: salt + pepper granules packaging or salt + pepper packaging
1. Use imported PLC to intelligently control the state of each function of the machine. Including: arbitrarily set bag length, cumulative production quantity, display production quantity, set total output shutdown, photoelectric can be switched on or off at will, etc. It is a new type of intelligent automatic packaging machine.
2. The intelligent temperature controller controls the temperature of the horizontal and vertical enclosures in two ways.
3. Intelligent photoelectric positioning, arbitrary conversion between bright and dark motion, strong anti-interference, and stop and alarm if the cursor is abnormal in three consecutive bags.
4. The packaging speed is steplessly adjusted within the rated range, without stopping the machine to adjust the speed.
5. High precision of bag making. Convenient operation and maintenance.
6. Using micro-metering volume type or screw type, accurate measurement for the uniform density of the packaged materials, in line with national measurement standards.


Machine name Salt & pepper packing machine
Model DXD-KS2
Application Salt, pepper, pepper is granule

And all kinds of smilar like salt such small granule product

Bag size (L)38-100 mm  (W) 55-100 mm
Packing speed 60-80 pairs per minute (1 pair is 1 salt & 1 pepper)
Gross weight 350KG
Net weight 320KG
Total Power 1.5KW
Machine Dimension  L600*W790*H2200mm
Measuring mode micro slide filler
Bag type 1 pair, 4 side seal
Dose range 0.1-3grams
Machine material and product touching part Stainless steel 304, Use 304 stainless steel, meet food and drug production standards
Voltage AC220-380V Single-phase 50HZ
Control system Taiwan Delta PLC control system
Function It can continuously and automatically complete a series of tasks such as measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and easy tearing, and counting. (printer is optional)
Convenience Different packing weight can be realized by replacing micro slide filler, with wide applicability
Date code printer Automatically print batch number, production date and expiration date. The printing is clear, even and neat.
Photocell/eyemark Precise positioning to preserve the integrity of the pattern. Photoelectric abnormal alarm, automatic shutdown of cursor abnormally, reducing waste of packaging materials and saving cost.
Sealing mould The intelligent temperature controller controls the temperature of the horizontal and vertical enclosures in two ways.
Display record function It is capable of recording and displaying output, cumulative output, real-time speed, and temperature when the equipment is heat-sealed, and can record running time without interruption. After the equipment completes the packaging quantity set for each product, it will automatically stop.
Notch Flat notch
Film application Suitable all kinds of composition film such as PET+ALU+PE, Papter+ALU+PE, aluminum foil/paper-PE film/Tea-leaf filtering paper etc.

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