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For Round Wire Fully-Auto Sleeve Sealer & Shrink Tunnel – Shuntian
Model: STS-6040E
Model: STF-6030AC

Fully-auto Sleeve Sealer & Shrink TunnelFor Round Wire)  STF-6030AC+STS-6040E

  • Origin:Tianjin,China
  • Certificate:ISO9001
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

Check out this video on fully automated sleeve sealer sleeve sealer

Sleeve Sealer For Round Products

Sleeve Sealer For Bottle Products

Model STF-6030AC+STS-6040E
Power 20KW AC380/220V
Tunnel Size 600*400mm
Packaging Size 4550*100*2105mm
Packaging Speed 0-12m/min
Machine Size 4500*950*1955mm
Shrink Film PE
Weight 1300kgs

Details for fully automated sleeve sealer:

This fully automated sleeve sealer is fully automatic direct-in and direct-out cuff type film sleeve sealing and cutting machine, which is mainly used for beverage, daily necessities, food, tapes,ceramics and other large volume objects for film sleeve sealing and cutting packaging, especially suitable for large cartons for film sleeve packaging.

We also have manual sleeve sealer machine for you choose.

If you want to complete the whole set of fully automated sleeve sealer process, please choose our constant temperature PE shrinkage furnace to use.

The fully automated sleeve sealer has a wide range of application, high economic efficiency and easy operation. The packaging material applicable to this machine is PE film. Compared with the traditional sealing and cutting machine, this shrink packing machine has the characteristics of large packaging size and strong load capacity, which greatly improves the applicability of the products.

The products packed by this machine have the characteristics of neat appearance, beautiful appearance, compactness and non-dispersion, ensuring the quality of the products and suitable for long-distance transportation.

The sleeve sealer is mainly composed of four parts: body, sealing and cutting system, electrical system and air circuit system, and the working process is automatically controlled by electricity, and has the function of anti-cutting protection. It is the more advanced new packaging equipment among the automatic film sealing and cutting machines.

Scope of application for fully automated sleeve sealer:

It is applicable to the collection packaging of food, daily necessities, beverage, beer, mineral water, etc. with or without carton, and can also be used for sealing and cutting packaging of single or multiple combinations of electrical appliances, auto parts, home furniture, flooring, etc.

Technical features

1.Photoelectric switch, which automatically senses the length of the package.
2.Adopt the original imported cylinder to make the material pushing and sealing and cutting more smoothly.
3.Adopt imported relay, high stability of system.
4.Anti-cut protection device is installed in the sealing and cutting system, which increases the safety of the equipment.
5.Adopt Teflon coated sealing knife, the sealing line is firm, no crack, no smoke and not easy to stick to the knife.
6.Using original imported electrical components to reduce malfunction during use.
7.Packing different shapes and sizes of products, the front positioning frame can be adjusted arbitrarily.

STF-6030AC + STS-6040E fully-auto sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel is designed for a single round object. This machine can connect production line to make automatic feeding, wrapping, sealing, shrinking and cooling to achieve unmanned production

STF-6030AC introduces internationally advanced technology and production process. The performance is reliable and can automatically calculate the daily output.

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