Fresh fruits and vegetables lettuce packaging machines

The freshness of vegetables and fruits is very demanding, so the speed of the packaging machine is required. SHUNTIAN’s vegetable packing machine can protect vegetables and fruits from damage.

It is suitlabe for grapefruit, apple, oranges, bananas,romaine lettuce,pomelo and so on.

vegetable and fruit packaging machine

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Fresh Fruit and vegetable packing machine

Food tray horizontal pillow wrapper packing machine

automatic fruit pillow back seal packing machine

Grapefruit heatshrink packing and wrapping machine

Fruit vegetable shrink wrapping and pack with tray

Features for vegetable and fruit shrink packaging machine

Servo-controlled bag length and cutting, one-step setting, time-saving and film-saving, easy to operate, packaging speed can be customized.

All packaging is designed to meet the physical requirements of the supply chain to ensure that your fruits and vegetables arrive in the best possible condition. In addition to packaging, we can also provide pallet assembly machines for efficient assembly at your own location.

Advantage for vegetable and fruit packaging machine

1.The perfect combination of the AC contactor of the automatic  packaging machine and the high-power solid-state voltage regulator is equipped with intelligent temperature control, which makes the system temperature more accurate and greatly extends the service life.
2.The automatic heat shrink packaging machine adopts a solid roller conveyor belt, and the roller jacket is a high temperature resistant silicone tube.
It can bear heavy objects and is not easy to wear. (A mesh conveyor belt can be used) The high-power wind-transporting motor ensures that the wind power is strong enough to achieve a better packaging effect at one time.
The temperature heat transfer is fast, the heating is uniform, the energy consumption is low, and the service life is long. Automatic shrink packaging machine is the best choice for single packaging products.

In fact, the vegetable fresh-keeping film packaging machine is to adapt to the birth of a large number of products like lettuce, apple, organge,mango,grapefruit. It is used to replace manual labor. Through machine operation, the product seems to have no wrinkles and speeds up the operation process. Here SHUNTIAN packaging machine manufacturers can also tell everyone that the vegetable film packaging machine can also automatically measure and package according to the length of the product, which can be said to greatly facilitate the majority of merchants.

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