turmeric pouch powder packing machine

Full Automatic Pouch Turmeric Powder Packing Machine

  • Model NO.: DXDF-100HR- III
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Packaging: Pre-Made Laminated Pouch
  • Material Type: film
  • FOB price: 2500 USD-28900 USD

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Technical Parameters

ModelDXDF-100HR- III
Sealing methodsCircular pillow sealing
Packing speed20-55 bags/min
Feeding typeScrew/ translation swing arm type/ rotary volume metering
Filling range1-40ml
Bag sizeW: 20- 50 mm L: 50- 160 mm
Power220V 50Hz 5KW
Overall dimension1260*960*2130 mm
Weight400 kg
Coding methodsteel seal hot pressing/ thermal transfer / ribbon coding / laser beam printing
Packing materialComposite materials such as Pet/PE. Pet/aluminized/PE

Pet/ aluminum/PE, BOPP/ aluminized/CPP 0.07 – -0.08 mm

Outer diameter < 300 mm; inner diameter 75 mm


1. Computer control and touch screen control can effectively reduce failures.
2. Excellent design and easy to clean.
3. The machine adopts high-quality parts, has a long service life, and basically does not need maintenance.
4. Optional Equipments:
. Zipper opening and closing device
. Second filling position
. Safety-guards with safety-switches
. Date coder (Ribbon or Embossing or ink-jet type)

Why choose our turmeric packaging machine?

The turmeric powder packaging machine provided by SHUNTIAN has excellent design, adopts the latest technology and advanced materials, has a relatively long service life and is cost-effective, so it is widely praised by customers at home and abroad. The maximum packaging weight reaches 5 kg, with high tightness and no leakage, and there are many types of packaging. It has won praise in many countries.

The material of the turmeric powder packaging machine is also related to food safety and people’s health. We use food-grade 304 stainless steel for the parts that come into contact with materials. We understand that fine workmanship may not succeed, but cutting corners will definitely be eliminated. This large powder packaging machine adopts computer-controlled parameters, and the filling dose is extremely accurate; it can store 10 sets of parameters and it is easier to change the packaging. For example, if a bag of turmeric powder with a weight of 500g is being packaged, it is indeed urgent to ship it in a 750g package. We do not need to stop the operation, simply change the parameter The packaging styles of this machine are also very diversified. Back seal, gusset, bag connection, punching, etc. can all be realized.

What determines the price of turmeric sachet pouch packing machine?

The most important decision is based on customer needs.
1. Generally speaking, machines with high configuration materials have better performance and higher prices than machines with low configuration materials.
2. The speed of bag making per minute and the weight of the product will also affect the price of the machine
3.Different optional equipment, different price.
4. Quantity is also important, More quantity, lower price.

Note:The price is mainly for display. The specific price depends on the size and configuration.

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