Full servo high speed heat shrink packaging machine STG650LD

It is used for group packaging of beverages, bowl noodles, milk tea, mosquito coils, wallpaper, exercise books, filters, electrical switches, plastic wrap, garbage bags, various stationery, skin packaging of industrial parts and daily cosmetics, etc.


Check out the following video on how to use Pillow Packing Machine

Clay Packaging Machine

Cutlery Packaging Machine

Features for it:

*This machine adopts three servo motors, which has high control accuracy and realizes the no-security control and dynamic adjustment during operation.
*Large color touch screen for storing, taking out, automatic adjustment, tracking, finding cutting point alarm, indicating obstacles, accumulative counting bag number, bag length, speed automatic display to achieve accurate sealing and cutting.
* This machine adopts photoelectric tube to detect color mark and double tracking system, which can effectively eliminate packaging errors and avoid material waste.
*The new vertical sealing design enables the sealing to be carried out at low temperature, which effectively reduces the waste of film.
*Adjustable bag maker and pitch make the replacement of packaged products more convenient.
* This machine adopts timing belt drive, with beautiful appearance, low noise and small vibration.

sample of packaging

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