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Fully-Automatic High-Speed Pillow Sealing Packaging Machine – Shuntian

The pillow packaging machine is used for rice vermicelli noodle stick, bread, cookie, disposable wipes and so on.


Horizontal high-speed pillow sealing packaging machine STG590/120/150/180

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Certificate:ISO9001
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms: T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

What is high speed horizontal pillow bag packing machine widely used for?

1. Hardware: door and window hinges, guide rail sliders, computer accessories, hinges, bearings, springs, bolts, etc.
2. Daily use: paper towels, wet wipes, towels, soap, mop heads, data cables, garbage bags, cartons and tableware, etc.
3. Food categories: vegetables, potato chips, fruits, biscuits, spicy bars, brown sugar, noodles, ice cream, popsicles, pigeons, etc.
4. Medical: masks, medical bamboo tablets, infusion sets, nursing kits, syringes, medical gauze, gloves and other soft, long strips, loose objects and other irregular items.

Check out this video on how To Use Fully-automatic high-speed pillow sealing packaging Machine is used

Feature of horizontal pillow packaging machine

The pillow wrapping machine adopted Japanese technology, using imported electrical components. Simple operation, reliable quality, stable performance, low frequency conversion.

Control system is completed by PLC, reducing the failure point. Heat shrinkable furnace automatic temperature control and efficient hot air circulation, to ensure the quality of contraction.

Pillow packaging machines are divided into top film (also called upper paper), bottom film (also called lower paper), and rear film (also called back film)
The packaging machine with lower film is more compatible, suitable for packaging machines for irregular items, and can be packed in a larger range.
The pillow pouch packaging machine with top film is suitable for packaging regular products, most of which are used for food packaging.
The post-stretch film packaging machine is suitable for sticky products, such as: candy products packaging.

1. Single package or combination package
2. Not only the packaging is exquisite, but also the materials can be recycled to reduce loss.
3. With a motor brake control system, the equipment is sensitive and safe
4. The accuracy of the pillow packaging machine is relatively accurate, and the sealing and cutting knife is also very sharp and will not stick to the packaging film.

How to choose pillow type packaging machine?

1. When choosing a pillow-type packaging machine, you must pay attention to the fact that the more servo systems, the better, and the application! Just like when we are buying a car, it is not that a car has all the functions together to be a good car, but it must be applicable. Each model has its own characteristics, just like a packaging machine, each model has its own characteristics, which is the same.

2. When choosing a packaging machine, you must consider your own products. The pillow packaging machine is a model that is suitable for a large amount of products and a small variety of products. It cannot be adjusted frequently. The more frequently, the less accurate it is.

3. When choosing a pillow-type packaging machine, pay special attention to the solid stability of the machine. Therefore, attention should be paid to the materials used.

4. When choosing a pillow packaging machine, pay more attention to the details, such as: connection, welding, CE electrical standard in place, etc.

Model STF-4535L/M STS-4525 STS-5030LS
Power 2kw 220V 10kw 380V 16kw 380V
Packaging size W+H≤430mm;H≤110mm L500*W400*H200mm L1200*W450*H300mm
Sealing/Tunnel size L550*W450mm L1000*W450*H250mm L1500*W500*H300mm
Packaging Speed 1-25ppm 20-40ppm 20-60ppm
Max current 10A 30A 32A
Machine Size L1830*W850*H1550mm L1300*W715*H1455mm L2000*W1100*H1250mm
Weight 250kg 185kg 650kg

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products can be used with pillow-type back seal packaging machine?

Pillow-type back-seal packaging machine is used to pack relatively thin products. In order to achieve a beautiful appearance, the four sides are neat, and the bottomless sealing edge affects the packaging effect. In the current market, the main products of the back-seal packaging machine are: facial masks, insoles, wet tissues, cutlery covers, medical cloths, etc.
What should you pay attention to when choosing a pillow-type back-seal packaging machine? First of all, we need to know clearly that for packaging film, we choose to use a single roll (which can be cut with an M plate on the machine) or use two rolls of film for point-to-point packaging.

Both methods can be operated. It is also achievable. Next, we need to understand clearly our requirements for the edge of the back seal. The width and texture of the edge can be selected. Therefore, this also requires the customer to have a certain idea.

Finally, of course, it is speed and alternative products (whether there is an easy-to-tear corner, whether there is a U-shaped hanging hole or round hole, whether there is a date typewriter, etc.). After understanding these clearly, we can boldly plan the machine.

Can pillow packers be filled with nitrogen?

Yes, such as cakes, instant noodles and other foods that require antioxidants to extend their shelf life, the pillow packaging machine can be equipped with a corresponding nitrogen filling device to complete the packaging.

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