Fully Disposable Automatic Plastic Spoon Fork Knife Cutlery Packaging Machine

Fully Disposable Automatic Plastic Spoon Fork Knife Cutlery Packaging Machine one type of horizontal pillow type packing machine,it is not only suitable for cutlery, but also for wet wipes, bamboo chopsticks, toothpicks, paper towels, soup spoons, we supply it with factory price.

Technical Parameters For Cutlery Packaging Machine

Cutting type: pillow type




Weigth: ≤220mm

Powder: 380V/50-60Hz/3phase

Weight: 450kg

Film:POF film

Platform height: 750-820 mm

Pressure: ≤0.5MPa(5 bar)

Weight of film: 380mm(width)×280mm(diameter)

Feature For Cutlery Packaging Machine

When we eat out, we care a lot about the hygiene and safety of eating. In particular, the hygiene of the cutlery that we can access has become a problem that we care about. Generally, cutlery in restaurants is delivered to the restaurant through professional sterilization and packaging. In terms of safety and hygiene guaranteed.

The use of the heat shrinking machine is one of the necessary equipment for every cutlery disinfection manufacturer, which can give the cutlery an extra layer of safety after the disinfection treatment, so that people can feel more at ease when eating out.

The use of the pouch packing machine points to the hope of the cutlery disinfection industry. After the sterilized cutlery is shrink-wrapped, it can not only effectively prevent dust pollution, but also has the effect of anti-collision, and the transparent materials are used to make our packaging is truly safe and secure.

Since heat shrinking technology is a new industry, it has great prospects for development. Moreover, their technology is advanced, and their packaging advantages are becoming more and more prominent, and heat shrink machines are also a kind of comparison.

With the continuous improvement of packaging machinery technology in China, heat shrink packaging machines not only have technical advantages, but also packaging advantages.

With the continuous improvement of its heat shrink machine technology and performance, its sealing effect is even greater.

The enhancement of the product can protect items from external impact. Therefore, this type of packaging mode is also conducive to the long-distance transportation of products, and the continuous application in the cutlery industry has made the development of China’s cutlery industry continue to accelerate.

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I’m really happy with the service received from google and very satisfied with cutlery packaging machine quality.
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The cutlery packaging machinery is delivered quickly, the service is very good, and the price is very affordable. Looking forward to the next cooperation!

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The quality of the product is beyond my expectation. This certainly shall influence my decision to demand more of your products in the near future.

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Sara was a pleasure to deal with, very professional and always responded quickly to my messages. I would highly recommend this company. The quality of the cutlery packing machine is excellent.

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