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honey stick filling packing machine – Shuntian

Commercial Honey Pouch Stick Filling And Pack Machine For Sale

honey stick bag packing and filling machine

Honey stick filling packing machine which is specially designed to fill honey stick against the wall of plastic tube.
Our honey stick filling packing machine has its own advantages, such as high quality and low price. It can meet your requirement in the high volume production.
Honey stick packaging machine, is a high-speed and high-efficiency packing machine. It can automatically measure and fill honey, peanut butter, sesame paste, chocolate and other sticky food.The output rate is up to 30pcs/minute with full jamming protection and constant speed control between 12 pieces of sticks at the same time.

Check out this video on How To Use Commercial Honey Stick Packing Machine

Multi line honey stick package

Single line honey stick package

Honey Stick packaging machine is specially used for filling sticky and high viscosity liquid materials such as honey, jam, coffee and so on. It is designed with a special filling head to guarantee the quality of output products.

The feeding device will be selected according to the physical condition of the hot-filled materials, including a magnetic pump (M) for liquid filling and sealing, a Haiba pump (H) for homogeneous sticky body filling, and a piston pump (P) for paste filling. Screw device for powder filling (O).

The cutting knife can use one of three methods: flat knife, sawtooth, and dot and dash, and the dot and dash knife is used to separate the bags between the two bags.

Applicable product packaging:
Pesticides: emulsifiable concentrates, liquids, microemulsions, additives, suspending agents, etc.
Food category: seasoning sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, honey, etc.
Daily chemicals: lotion, cream, etc.

Related technical parameters:


Sealing form for honey sachet bag:

Back seal/Three side seal

Packing speed 20-50 packs/min 20-50 packs/min
Maximum bag size 150mm*200mm 200mm*280mm
Measuring range 100-500ml 100-800ml
Power supply 220V 220V
Weight 350kg 400kg
Product specifications: 760mm*900mm*1850mm 1100mm*900mm*2000mm

The pouch honey packaging machine  has been favored by many honey manufacturers since its launch. If you have a demand for a honey packaging machine, please contact our company. We have a professional sales customer service to plan and select the type for you. Contact:enquiry@chinashrinkmachine.com, 0086 13920077206

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