Case:Honey Stick Packaging Machine In Saudi Arabia

honey stick bag packing and filling machine

For Saudi Arabia customer to pack honey stick.They want to use it in the hotel for a one-time drink for guests.Honey Packing machine is a stick packing machine that meets the need of honey packaging. It is available in which tray type, honey stick thickness and shape can be adjusted according to the requirement.

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Multi line honey stick package

Single line honey stick package

The customer’s request is very clear, it requires the honey stick filling machine to run at a speed of 100 bags/min, the width of the bag is 25mm, and the weight of each bag is 5g, so we recommended this HY-Y4 to him。

The Honey Stick Packaging Machine is a versatile, automated packaging solution for high-speed production of single serve products. Using the stick pack format to display your product in an efficient, compact form factor is a great way to get noticed on the shelf and increase sales.

Honey stick packing machines are suitable for liquid and powder packaging in a push/pull style format. They can be used in many industries, including food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and healthcare. Each machine has multiple lanes that allow operators to simultaneously pack different tubes into a single case or stacker tray. This speeds up production times and minimizes labor, yielding high throughput rates.

Related technical parameters:


Sealing form for honey sachet bag:

Back seal/Three side seal

Packing speed 20-50 packs/min 20-50 packs/min
Maximum bag size 150mm*200mm 200mm*280mm
Measuring range 100-500ml 100-800ml
Power supply 220V 220V
Weight 350kg 400kg
Product specifications: 760mm*900mm*1850mm 1100mm*900mm*2000mm

The pouch honey packaging machine  has been favored by many honey manufacturers since its launch. If you have a demand for a honey packaging machine, please contact our company. We have a professional sales customer service to plan and select the type for you. 0086 13920077206

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