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How to choose food pillow packaging machine?

Many friends know less about the professional knowledge of the food pillow packaging machine itself. On the other hand, what are the requirements for the products they want to buy, and they don’t know what to look for to buy. Always hesitate to buy equipment on the way.
According to the question raised by you about which products the food pillow packaging machine is suitable for, here is a detailed explanation of individual products.
1. For candy and chocolate, most candy and chocolate manufacturers currently use pillow-type packaging. The packaging forms of candy and chocolate mainly include twist packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging. Twisted packaging is the oldest packaging form. This packaging form is mostly used for candy. It can be completed not only by a high-speed, automated packaging machine, but also by manual operation.
2. Disposable toothpaste, toothbrush and chopsticks. The basic structure of these products is similar to that of candy packaging. The only difference is the difference in packaging materials. Some food products are packaged with PE film, and some are composite films. Requirements are not so important.

3. Industrial products, such as semi-finished toys, and even some hardware products are also used in pillow packaging, etc. The structure and performance of the equipment are basically the same.
4. When selecting bagged instant noodles, pay attention to the output of the front-end production line, which is how many ten thousand pieces, to decide how many packaging lines to use after sorting, and the speed of each packaging line. The current trend is to use two high-speed packaging In this way, it is convenient for personnel to carry auxiliary materials and maintain equipment. The general speed is between 120 and 180 bags/minute, and the high-speed packaging machine can reach more than 200 bags/minute. When choosing a pillow bag packaging machine, instant noodle companies should focus on the sealing effect after packaging, whether the appearance is smooth, whether the operation is simple, and whether the high-speed stability is reliable. The back-end packaging line should also consider the number of materials to be put in. Three packages of materials are mostly used, which requires the purchase of a charter machine. At the same time, in order to prevent the materials from sliding or falling off of the noodles during the operation of the materials on the conveyor belt, the materials can be matched. Unmanned equipment
5. Bread In the process of selecting bread packaging equipment, customers pay more attention to the tightness of the packaging and the speed of packaging. Usually the packaging of bread or pastry is a pillow-type bag with a socket. This kind of package with a socket makes the product packaging look more beautiful. Of course, whether to have a socket can be selected according to the customer’s own requirements. Bread packaging also includes nitrogen-filled packaging. Generally, products with a long sales cycle have nitrogen-filled requirements in order to extend the product shelf life. This kind of nitrogen-filled packaging has higher requirements for sealing.
6. The speed of the sugar pillow packaging machine should be 200 pcs/min. Because the packaging speed is very fast, there are two operations for the middle sealing, one is the heating of the film, and the other is the sealing. Consider the issue of sealing. In addition, due to the fast packaging speed, manual feeding is impossible, and a special feeding system must be made according to the size of the product and the front-end production line.
With the changes in the market, the types and functions of pillow packaging machines have been improved. The new types of products make the packaging of products more personalized, practical and beautiful, which will bring advantages to market competition and also give manufacturers a profit. Market sales advantages provide favorable conditions. The development and progress of pillow packaging machines has enriched China’s food packaging industry, and at the same time, it has given itself more development outlets, so that it can occupy a more place in the packaging machinery industry.

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