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Manual shrink sleeve machine – Shuntian
Model: STS-6040E
Model: STF-6030

Manual shrink sleeve machine

  • Origin:Tianjin, China
  • Certificate:ISO9001
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms: T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

Check out this video on How To Use Manual Shrink Sleeve Machine

Manual Shrink Sleeve Machine For Box

Maunal Shrink Sleeve Machine For Tape

Power1kw 220V18kw 380/220
Tunnel size/1800*600*400
Mix pack size300*500*3001500*500*300
Pack Speed5-8 m/min0-15 m/min
Shrink FilmPEPE
Machine Size1000*850*19912800*950*1750
Gross Weight350kgs625kgs

Feature of manual shrink sleeve machine

1. The movable manual shrink sleeve machine only needs to place the products manually, and the machine automatically completes a series of actions of pushing, sealing and cutting, and heat shrink packaging, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency;

2. When the size of the packaging table changes, the operating table can be manually adjusted, without the need for abrasive tools and bag making devices, and the operating table can be adjusted up and down, which has a wide range of applications.

3. During the shrinking process, the quality of the packaging will not be affected. The packaged product is suitable for tight packaging of multiple items and pallet packaging.

Shrink sleeve packing

4. Alarm device: The sealing and cutting knife row is equipped with a safety sensor. When the package is overturned or the operator’s hand reaches in, the protection system will automatically start and the cutting knife will stop cutting. At the same time, the shrink wrap machine has an emergency stop button.

5. The heat-sealing knife adopts aluminum alloy + stainless steel heating plate, which has a long life

6. Using the original Omron digital display thermostat, the temperature of the sealing knife is sensitive and can be set at will, so there is no need to worry about inaccurate temperature and harm the product.

7. The film frame is equipped with a film pulling motor, which avoids the problems that occur when large rolls of PE film are used for sealing and cutting

8. The maximum cutable film width is 75CM, which can pack larger and larger items and improve efficiency.

Why manual shrink sleeve machines choose SHUNTIAN?

1. Intimate service, excellent and qualified products meet your purchase needs
2. Focus on professionalism, years of management expertise, fast delivery
3. The quality is reliable, and the material of the shrink sleeve machine has been strictly selected
4. Price concessions, to provide customers with affordable products

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