Pouch-sachet-stick milk packing machine

In this article, you will learn about a very important kind of packaging machinery – milk pouch packing machine

This automatic milk powder pouch packing machine has a flexible packing. It can be stick packing, pouch packing, packet packing, pouch packing and sachet packing. The packing speed can reach 240 bags/min.



Check out the following video on how to use milk pouch packing machine

Video for milk powder pouch packing machine

Video for multi line milk powder stick packing

Video for  3 side sealing milk sachet packing machine

Main advantages of the milk pouch packing machine:

1. The weight accuracy of packing is very high, basically stable at 99% or more.
2. This is a fully automatic packaging machine, very easy to use, only need to control the packaging material and packaging gram weight and production speed and other parameters to complete the entire production process.
3. Easy to maintain, most of the parts can be controlled by computer system, you can quickly monitor which parts are out of order and replace them.
4. Tightly packed, no air leakage, longitudinal seal with high precision gear design solution.
5. Optional devices can be added, such as punching device, carbon dioxide filling device, continuous bag device, film pulling device, etc.
6. It can be single dose packing, also can be multi line packing.
7. This machine is widely used, also can be used for flour, coffee powder, medicine powder, seasoning powder and other materials, can be said to be a multi-purpose machine.

Type of milk powder packing machine:

Vertical powder pouch packaging machine, generally are flexible film packaging mode
Milk filling packing machine, generally in can packing mode
3. Vacuum milk packing equipment, mainly to extend the shelf life of milk.
4. Premade pouch horizontal milk packing machinery, this kind of pouch is convenient to display on the showcase.

Packaging for milk powder:

1.3 side sealing pouch

2. Back sealing sachet

3. Stand up bags

4. Premade bags

pouch packing for milk powder

Why we choose milk powder pouch packing machine?

Milk powder is rich in nutrients, and many families have a habit of drinking milk powder. However, milk powder is very hygroscopic food. If milk powder is packaged in bulk and opened many times without sealing in time, the freshness of the milk powder will decrease. Portable bags made of milk powder pouch machine can effectively avoid this situation. And this kind of sachet packaging, one open at a time, can avoid food waste.

According to different needs, you can buy different machines.

Below pictures are  design for powder packing:

What affect milk pouch packing machine price?

1. Speed of packaging
Milk powder packaging equipment material, the base material is stainless steel or ordinary carbon steel? The key parts are world famous brand or general brand?
3. The degree of mechanization, the price difference between semi-automatic machinery and automatic machinery is still very big.
4. The location of the product. Different regions, different countries, tax policies and transportation costs are different, resulting in different prices.
5. optional devices, optional devices for different purposes, such as coding devices, dust removal devices, etc., the price is not the same.



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