Multi Dose/ Single Unit Dose Pouch Packaging Machine

The multi dose/ single dose pouch packaging machine is one type of  vertical packing machine. It is used for liquid, sauce, granule, powder and so on. Whatsapp:0086 139 2007 7206

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Multi line stick package

Single line stick package

Unit dose vs multi dose packaging

What is unit dose packaging, when to use single dose packaging?

Single dose packaging: Generally, aluminum foil and plastic film with good sealing properties are used for packaging. The finished product can have various shapes. The common ones are stick packaging and sachet packaging. It uses high quality aluminum foil or aluminized film as the backing material, the back can be printed with the product name, usage, dosage, etc.. This kind of packaging is mostly used for disposable mouthwash, nutrients, etc.

Single dose packaging is better because it does not have adverse effects on the remaining product due to opening the package during application (loss of seal, prevents contamination, etc.), and prevents the product from colliding with each other and rubbing, etc.

What is multi dose compliance packaging, when to use multi-dose packaging?

Multi-dose packaging like multi line packaging: Generally, aluminum foil and well-sealed plastic film are used to pack multiple bags together. The finished product can have three consecutive packs, four consecutive packs, six consecutive packs and so on. Generally there are three side seals, back seals and other forms, mostly used in medication packaging system.

Features for multi dose/ single dose pouch packing machine

1. Wide range of application, suitable for a number of materials mixed packaging and compartmentalized packaging
2. Integrated design, dividing and loading, packing and sealing.
3. Automatic design, professional production, quality assurance
4. Power supply: 220V, 50/50HZ
5. Electronic control module, all controls are programmed by software, reliable and easy to maintain.
6. Chain bucket conveying line: wiring simple and beautiful humanized, chain bucket box with silent coating
7. Stainless steel paper bag box, a variety of bag width, replaceable; controlled temperature, back-sealed bags, sharp cutting knife, beautiful bag-making
8. Strong resistance to failure: the accessories are made of advanced materials from industry leading manufacturers, which can withstand the impact of machinery.

We offer multi-dose and single-dose pouch packaging machines that allow customers to improve speed and save time when performing tasks. Multi-dose and single-dose packaging machines can be used in conjunction with other machinery in production, such as carton packaging machines, shrink machines, etc. It is worthwhile for the buyer to choose the most suitable multi-dose and single-dose packaging machine in Shuntian. Not only can production efficiency be improved, but also the return on investment can be increased.

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