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It is a highly versatile, reliable and easy to operate mustard oil pouch packing machine. The machine can be customized to pack mustard, sunflower, palm, groundnut, Mobil Oil, creams, and grease,vegetable oil or olive oil and groundnut oils. This mustard machine is also a great investment for your business. With its ease of use and low maintenance requirements, it will make your business run smoothly and efficiently.

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The price is between 3200 USD-10000USD

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If you’re interested in increasing the efficiency of your mustard oil pouch packaging operation, an oil pouch packing machine is the ideal solution.

Features for mustard oil pouch packing machine:

1.A liquid packing machine is compact and features a touch screen HMI panel and a PLC to control the machine.
2.It is designed to provide center sealing support for packaging with varying widths.
3. It is suitable for filling center-sealed and three-sided pouches.
4. This versatile machine is based on modern technology and undergoes strict quality tests.
5. Its high-quality stainless steel design ensures that the machine does not rust and can easily withstand the harsh environment in a food production facility.
6. It has an integrated fault-indicator software, and can be used to pack other products.
7. The mustard oil pouch packing machine meets the packaging requirements for edible oils.

Sealing: Three-Side Sealing; Four-Side Sealing; Back Sealing

Model FL-520 DXDJ-100H DXDJ-500H/800H DXDJ-40/100
Dosage Range (ml) 5-40 30-80 100-1000 10-100
Size Of  Bag Length:40-120 Length:70-150 Length:80-300 Length:40-160
(mm) Width:50-70 Width:60-80 Width:80-200 Width:40-120
Maximum speed(bag/min) 60 60 30 60
Power(kw) 1.4 1.4 2.0 1.4
Dimensions(mm) 700*530*1665 710*600*1700 1160*620*1900 1260*700*2000
Weight Of Machine(kg) 350 400 350 350

These machines is a vertical filling machine that is designed to handle a variety of packing products. It operated pump to fill the pouch. The main advantage of this machine is that it is suitable for packaging products ranging from 5 ML to a 1000 ML capacity.

For a more efficient production, consider purchasing an automatic mustard oil pouch packing machine. They are a smart choice for your food packaging operation. You’ll be glad you did!

It is built with high quality components and modern technology. It can handle a wide range of packaging needs, and it’s easy to maintain and clean. It is also easy to use and can be easily integrated with various fillers. All machines come with a warranty. The manufacturer guarantees a smooth, trouble-free operation and customer satisfaction. If you’re interested in purchasing an mustard pouch packing machine, contact us today!

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What affect mustard oil packaging machine price?

  • Customer needs and preferences and budget
  • Product accessories
  • Packaging material
  • The quantity of the product in each pack
  • Sealing method
  • Production speed

The oil pouch packing machine is one of the most pouch packing machines available. It can handle a wide range of liquids. It is available in different capacities. You can choose from a single head machine or a dual head machine. The high speed version has eight or nine stations. It is a compact design and offers multiple filling options. There are many advantages to choosing this type of packaging machine. If you want to maximize productivity, it will be worth your while to check out a few models before making a final decision.

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