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Pet food shrink wrap cutting machine – Shuntian

Pet food shrink wrap cutting machine


Automatic shrink packaging machine including L sealer and shrink tunnel which can feed products, seal and cut film and shrink film bag automatically. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, stationary, toy, auto parts, cosmetics, printing, hardware, electrical appliances and other industry.

Check out the following video on how to use Pillow Packing Machine

Door Shrink Packaging Machine

Sneaker Packaging Machine


Application:food,  toy, chemical, gifts, medical, pharmaceutical, stationary, auto parts

Packaging: cartons

Automatic grade: automatic

Driven Type: Electric

Voltage: 220/380v

Tranport package: wooden package

Packing material: plastic

Shrink film: POF, PE, PVC

shrink wrap for things

This shrink packaging machine is a new one and it will be a great helper for customers to pack their products. It is well accepted by our customers because of its automatic shrink packaging system and adjustable molds. The professional packing machine can save your time and money.

This completely automatic shrink packaging machine has been designed for flexibility and efficiency. It produces bags to contain goods from flat sheets of plastic film, onto which graphics or text can be printed.  The machine includes a sealing tool with adjustable height and width for custom sized bags, an integrated vacuum machine that creates a hermetically sealed bag by sucking air out of the bag interior through tiny holes in it’s edge, and heaters that shrink the bag at its open end causing it to adhere tightly to the product.

Our packaging machinery specialists can help you with recommendations for bespoke packaging machines, materials and saving you money.

At Shuntian, we are experts in packaging machines. We can help you with strapping, pallet wrapping, sealing and more. Get in touch today! Email: enquiry@chinashrinkmachine.com; Whatsapp: 0086 13920077206

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