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Pillow Bag Individual Cookie Toast Bread Pouch Packaging Machines Price – Shuntian

Pillow Bag Individual Cookie Toast Bread Pouch Packaging Machines Price

Bread packaging machine, one type of horizontal flow wrapper, is also an updated automatic continuous packaging equipment on the market, and it has become one of the advanced packaging methods on the market alongside heat shrink packaging technology. It can also pack cakes, toasts, biscuits, cookies, steamed buns, etc.

Today, you will learn about another important packaging equipment-Bread packaging machine.

This guide will take you to understand all the key elements of bread packaging equipment, from the definition, classification, working principle, specifications, parts and components and other key aspects.

Therefore, at the end of this guide, you will become an expert in the bread packaging industry.

Basic information of individual cookie toast bread pouch packaging machine:

What is bread packing machine?

We define it as a machine that can pack bread or toast, biscuits, etc.

Features for individual pillow packing machine:

1.The maximum capacity of this machine is 3600 pieces per hour
2.Besides, the machine is easy to clean.
3.Bread packaging machine adopts a back-sealing method.
4.It can complete the process of continuous feeding packaging film, forming bags, filling, sealing, cutting, and sending finished products.
5.It belongs to continuous packaging and uses a single or double servo motor to control the machine.
6.It is easy to operate, has a wider adjustment range, and can handle small and large-sized breads.
7.It can also sense the length of bread and seal the bag.
7.Its features include a food-grade stainless steel contact surface and double-support roller structure, and a light-sensitive feed port.
8.The packaging yield is significantly improved with the use of the feed port light detection and high-precision tracking system.
9.The bread packaging machine is suitable for solid products such as bread, biscuits, and individual steam buns
10.A high-precision tracking system ensures accuracy in both sealing position and printing pattern.


Advantages for the individual bread packing machine:

1.This equipment uses plastic film to keep the product fresh and extend the shelf life.
2.The bread packaging machine uses an open-box structure, making it easy to clean and maintain. This makes the entire process more efficient and profitable.
3. Reduce the cost. Labor cost is getting more and more expensive, one machine can replace many laborers. You only need to cover the cost of one machine.
4.Save time. Especially when there is a big increase in buying demand or an urgent order, you will find that there is a bread packing machine to meet the packing needs.

Applications for the bread packing machine:

A bread packing machine can be applied to a variety of packaging jobs.

These machines can be adjusted for the packaging of small packaged foods, daily use products, and industrial component parts.

They also have a wide range of uses.

Listed below are some of the most common examples of the application of bread packing machines. They include: bread, cookie, toast, cake, bun and so on. It can also pack other perishable items, such as soap and vegetables.

Bread packaging equipment will enable you to achieve the following goals:

. Better brand image
You can print your store name or logo on the bag for easy promotion and publicity.
. Increase production
You can package more products in less time, which is good for market expansion and increase sales
. Increase profit
According to data, products with packaging are more than 20% more profitable than products without packaging.
. Ensure the freshness of your products
Your products may be contaminated by sunlight, moisture, etc. This contamination may cause the food to be unusable, so the bread packing machine is a good choice for this purpose.


Fully automatic bread packing machine is the best option for packaging various types of bread such as flow-packing bread, instant noodles, pita bread, pizza, tortilla bread, buns, sliced bread, and and other bakery products.

With almost 20 years of experience in production, we can meet your individual packaging solutions. As we have seen, there are manual, semi-automatic and automatic models, versatile even for packing any size of cookies and bakery products with great efficiency and effectiveness.

I hope you have learned everything about bread packing machine.

You have everything you need for a bread packing machine. With this information, you can purchase a bread packing machine that suits your application.

Before buying a machine, be sure to consider your specifications.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for help.

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