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In life, we encounter many scenes that require heat shrinkage, such as gifts, books, etc., the film wrapped outside the product is shrink film, do you know how to shrink wrap a package by shrink film?

Shrink film is also called thermoplastic film. Commonly used materials are PVC/PE/POF/PET, etc… like the shampoo and shower gel, skin care products, mobile phones, stationery, doors and windows, aluminum and other products that we usually see most of the outer packaging is packaged with heat-shrinkable film, so how does the heat-shrinkable film shrink packaging products?

The common shrinking method of heat shrink film is generally to use a heat shrink wrap gun. First, determine the size of the heat shrink bag, then put the product into the bag, seal the mouth with a sealer, and finally use a hot air cylinder to heat and shrink. The effect you are satisfied with is completed;

how to shrink wrap odd shaped items

The second is to use a fully automatic packaging machine for heat shrink packaging. First, the heat shrink film (most of which needs to be folded in half) is placed on the machine, and then punched, placed in the product, sealed and cut, and passed directly through the furnace of the packaging machine. Heat to shrink, and after coming out of the furnace, the shrinkage is complete!

In order to show better results, we have released two videos, you can compare them.Generally speaking, small batches or small household products are suitable for hair dryers, and large batches of products are suitable for thermal shrink packaging machine.

Check out the following video on how to shrink wrap a package

Video for shrink wrap package by heat shrink wrap gun

Video for shrink wrap package by machine

What is the bag type of individual cookie packing machine?

From the perspective of packaging, the pillow packaging machine can package different specifications of cookie, toast, bread and other products. The pillow packaging machine for packaging materials can be packaged and sealed because it is controlled by an independent PID.

Secondly, in terms of setting the bag width and length, ordinary packaging machines prepare uniform packaging bags in advance, while pillow packaging machines use the cut-and-go method, and the high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking will not seal and cut empty bags. Or oblique cutting, so it can effectively save the time of setting parameters, and no packaging film is needed, and the packaging effect is beautiful.
The pillow packaging machine adopts positioning sealing and cutting during packaging, which is accurate and neat, and can prevent the packaging film from sticking to the knife and waste. Moreover, the platform for the pillow packaging machine to convey products is simple and reliable, which not only facilitates packaging, but is also easy to maintain and clean.

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