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newspaper wrapping machine for sale – Shuntian

Newspaper Wrapping Machine For Sale

The machine is mainly used for shrink wrapping services for books, newspaper, notebooks etc. As a famous Chinese brand, SHUNTIAN is the leader in this industry.It is one of  l sealer shrink wrap machine

Videos For How To Use Powder Packaging Machine

Features for newspaper wrap machine:

1.Its pneumatic structure and high-tech controls allow it to meet your packaging needs. The process of shrinking the film begins with a cylinder in the sealing chamber.

Once the cylinder is filled with hot air, the sealing machine seals the newspaperusing a heating element. Then the shrinking process begins by conveying the wrapped packages through a cooling chamber.

2.This technology is capable of achieving instantaneous film cutting and connecting, and automatic packaging.

3.The newspaper packing machine is perfect for combining products with and without bottom supports.

4.The film is a flexible material which is easy to handle. It is not fragile, so it can withstand heat.

5.The newspaper wrapper machine is a versatile machine that can be adjusted easily. Its speed and temperature can be controlled manually.

6.The line is simple to use and requires minimal training. A single user can operate it. It is the best option for a small production run. You can start shrink wrapping your products today!

7.Depending on the size and shape of your products, the shrink wrap machine should include an L bar and a shrink tunnel.

8.This type of newspaper shrink wrap machine is a versatile piece of shrink wrap machine for both trade and manufacturing. It can be used for both slit and roll films.

lastic wrap machine for newspaper

Model STF-4535L/M STS-4525 STS-5030LS
Power 2kw 220V 10kw 380V 16kw 380V
Packaging size W+H≤430mm;H≤110mm L500*W400*H200mm L1200*W450*H300mm
Sealing/Tunnel size L550*W450mm L1000*W450*H250mm L1500*W500*H300mm
Packaging Speed 1-25ppm 20-40ppm 20-60ppm
Max current 10A 30A 32A
Machine Size L1830*W850*H1550mm L1300*W715*H1455mm L2000*W1100*H1250mm
Weight 250kg 185kg 650kg

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