Popping boba target pearl making machine for sale

Popping boba target pearl making machines is very popular now.We supply semi automatic and fully automatic boba machine for sale.

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Popping boba target pearl making machine for sale

Feature for popping boba maker machine:

1.Computer touch screen control, multi-language display system

2.Adopt internationally renowned brand accessories that have passed UL certification

3.The product produced is bright in color, and the weight of the product is almost zero tolerance

4.There is a safety alarm system in case of failure

5.It can live boba pearl of various shapes and tastes

6.All the cooking utensils are coated with waterproof sandblasting surface, and there are three layers of jacket cooker for protection

7.It can also be used to make gelatin syrup in the future

8.Use high-quality SUS304 and SUS316 stainless steel panels

Semi-automatic Type:

TypeQHJ—10Supporting projectRequirement
Standard output(kg/h)10Number of workers1
Maximum product diameter(mm)15Production line area1 ㎡
Pouring speed:15-20n/^#Tap water consumption per shift(8h)about 0.3T
Compressed air demand0.2m³/min • 0.4~0.6MPaWorkshop load-bearing About 50kg/㎡
Power requirements3KW/380V/220VAir compressor≥1.5KW
Equipment size:(mm)420x330x927mmWorkshop air temperature requirements≤10°C-20°C
Total Weight(kgs)30Workshop air humidity requirementsUnder 60%

Fully automatic type:

Production capacity80kg/hour150kg/hour300kg/hour450kg/hour600kg/hour
Max candy weight2-8 g/or more customized2-8 g/or more customized2-8 g/or more customized2-8 g/or more customized2-8 g/or more customized
Electric Power25kw/380v32kw/380v39 kw/380v48 kw/380v75kw/380v
Total length7m17m17m18m18m
Mould quantity160pcs240pcs480pcs720pcs960pcs

How many flavors of juice can popping boba machine make?

strawberry,mango,passion fruit, pomegranate, cantaloupe, green apple, watermelon, lychee, passion fruit, coffee, chocolate, cherry, yogurt, kiwi and so on.

This boba pearl making machine system includes:

The whole set of machines includes jam hopper, SUS tray, washing system and cleaning system, etc. All of them are made of stainless steel, safe to use, and in line with hygiene standards.

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