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Popsicle filling and packaging machine – Shuntian

Ice Iolly Popsicle Filling And Packaging Machine

The popsicle filling and sealing machine is  a type of pillow packing machine. It is suitable for big sticks popsicles, ice pop, ice cream lolly, sugar-free popsicles, yogurt popsicles, fruit popsicles, SpongeBob popsicle and so on.

popsicle filling and sealing machine

Feature for ice lolly popsicle packing machine:

1, The structure of the popsicle packaging machine adopts ice-cream cross-feeding channel placed independently, which is easy to clean.
2, The use of special structure of the differential box, continuous operation to improve the stability of the ice pop filling sealing machine high-speed feeding;.
3, Stainless steel and reasonable sealing technology has the ability of waterproof and rust-proof, suitable for use in the environment of the cold beverage industry.
4, It can be matched with 8-row, 12-row, 16-row, 18-row and 24-row ice iolly production lines.
5, Ware stable operation, sturdy and durable, long service life: drawings using the original Japanese design, reasonable mechanism, the main frame using steel plate, and by aging treatment, the body is not deformed. The main electrical parts are made of Japan, Germany and other famous brands, finely crafted to ensure high quality.
6, Our ice lolly packaging machine is designed according to the characteristics of domestic packaging materials on the basis of the original Japanese drawings, with reasonable mechanism, stable and reliable operation, and has passed the EU CE certification and exported to all over the world. The popsicle packaging speed is fast, especially suitable for assembly line operation. The packaging form is fully closed packaging.
7, According to the specific situation of the products, automatic feeding system can be selected to realize unmanned operation of feeding, and various forms of conveyors to ensure that the materials will not move or roll over. It can be packed singly or in any group.
8, Belt length, speed, temperature, can be adjusted individually, convenient and accurate.
9, The ice pop seal is linear after packing, and the steel pattern is clear and beautiful.
10, Simple operation, large packaging range: By adjusting the size of the mold, different products can be packaged.
11, Long service life of cutting knife and beautiful cut: the cutting knife is made of high strength and high hardness imported material.
12, Can save 5-10% package material cost for you: with our rich experience in production, by special design, the width of package material used is 20-40mm narrower than the original.

Popsicle packaging machine has the following advantages:

1, There may be the purchase of users will be concerned about the equipment in the low-temperature environment equipment can not function properly, or malfunction. This kind of situation in the popsicle packaging machinery the probability of occurrence is less than one in 100,000. This is because of the strong properties of the parts used in the equipment, in high temperature, low temperature environment can be stable operation. But need to pay attention to (low temperature environment refers to dry low temperature, and not wet)
2, The equipment is stable in low temperature environment, the high sensory degree electric eye components used can accurately identify the ice pop products delivered, complete accurate packaging, after the completion of the packaging film does not stick to the tool, good quality quality.
3, With digital high-definition touch screen, it can control the packaging process in real time. With the combination of Chinese and English large font function parameters, it is very convenient for the operator.

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