Premade Pouch Rotary Packaging And Filling Machine

Leading manufacturer in the field of premade pouch packaging machine in China. We provide it with zipper pouch, stand-up pouch,hand bag, M gusset bag, 4 side sealed bag, laminated bag and so on. It is widely used in fields such as dates, raisins, oats, chocolate, cashews, coffee, sugar and so on.

premade pouch rotary filling and packing machine

Premade pouch powder rotary packaging machine

  • Model:GD-180XZ
  • Packing speed:30-90 bags/min
  • Feeding type:Screw/ translation swing arm type/ rotary volume metering
  • Filling range:5ml-200ml
  • Air consumption:≤0.7m3/min

Check out the following video on how our horizontal premade pouch rotary packing machine is used

What is the application of premade packing machine?

It is used for coffee powder, clay mask,tea bags, beverages, yogurt, syrup, dry fruit, snacks, nut, shampoo filling and sealing.

What is premade pouch rotary packaging machine?

The horizontal premade pouch rotary packaging and filling machine adopts the prefabricated bag-to-bag packaging method.

The machine automatically completes the functions of taking, opening, material filling, sealing and finished product output of the finished prefabricated bag. It is equipped with different feeding devices, to realizing powder, granule and liquid automatic packaging.

The small pouch filling and sealing machine has simple design, high stability, firm sealing and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for the needs of fully automatic packaging production with diverse packaging products and variable specifications.

Main configuration for premade rotary packaging machine:

01.Pneumatic components: Cylinder for bag feeding:
Airtac from Taiwan;
Other cylinders: Taiwan Airtac;
Pneumatic solenoid valve: Airtac from Taiwan;
Vacuum pressure gauge: Japan SMC
Trachea, joint, triplet: Japan SMC, Taiwan Airtac;

02.Electrical components: display (touch screen):
Taiwan Weilun
Encoder, temperature control system: Japan Omron
Inverter: Taiwan Sine
Control switches, buttons, relays: Schneider, Germany
Photoelectric detection element: Taiwan
PLC: Siemens, Germany

03.Cutting system: Optical coupler switch:
Japan Omron
High temperature resistant sealing ring of pump body:Taiwan MES
Feeding servo motor:Taiwan

04.The machine adopts the appearance of stainless 304L, and the carbon steel frame part and some accessories are processed with acid-resistant, salt-resistant and anticorrosive treatment layer.

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