Red Chilli Pepper Powder Pouch Sachet Packing Machine

The chili powder packaging machine has very strict packining requirements due to the special form of its packaging products. It is specialized in powder products that are prone to dust. Therefore, our chili powder packaging machine manufacturer has a professional anti-dust device or a structural design. Always ensure to avoid dust or dust from entering the inside of the equipment.


Check out the following video on how to use chilli pouch packing machine

Video for chilli powder pouch packing machine

Video for multi line chilli powder stick packing

Video for  3 side sealing chilli sachet packing machine

Main features of the chilli powder pouch packing machine:

The packaging production equipment gathered our company’s successful technical experience in the automatic packaging industry for many years, drawing on a large number of users’ valuable advice and suggestions, and constantly improve the update and mass production of automatic powder packaging production equipment to reach the domestic advanced level.

1.The chilli sachet machine has the characteristics of high metering accuracy, fast packing speed, no dust pollution, flat sealing without powder trapping and beautiful bag shape.
2.It can also be equipped with exhaust and punching devices to realize the function of automatic production of hand-carried bags.
3.For the dust-prone materials, the dust removal system can be selected.
4.Chilli powder pouch equipment packaging process: Material to be packaged is added to the screw elevator bin (with vibration anti-overhead arch breaking device)
5.The elevator automatically lifts the material (controlled by the metering screw bin level) metering screw automatically metering and filling according to the set weight series
6.Automatic chilli packaging machine automatically bag making and forming (can be optional punching, corner inserting, exhausting and other accessory devices).Packaging machine to complete automatic sealing and cutting.
7.Finished red chilli packaging through the finished product conveyor to the manual boxing station

Type of chilli powder packing machine:

1.Pouch powder packaging machine

2.Sachet powder packaging machinery

3.stick powder packing equipment

Below pictures are  design for powder packing:


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