Semi-auto auger powder filling machine

What is semi auto auger powder filling machine?

Semi-automatic powder filling machine is a kind of semi-automatic machine which automatically completes other packaging processes by supplying packaging materials and filling powder materials manually.

The powder packing machine integrates machine, electricity and light in one, filling speed, filling precision are high, strong adaptability, and the price is moderate, is the first choice of small and medium-sized enterprises.The semi automatic machine is widely used in soy flour and so on.

Through the auger measurement and electronic weighing technology to achieve quantitative filling. It is specially designed for packing 500-5000g heat-sealed prefabricated bags.

What is the features of semi-auto auger powder filler machine?

1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which effectively prevents materials from being contaminated, and conforms to food QS and pharmaceutical GMP hygiene and safety.
2. The equipment has stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, low failure and high efficiency.
3. It adopts stepping motor (or servo motor) control and photoelectric switch to control the feeding.
4. It can be equipped with a feeding machine to automatically control the material level, which is more convenient to use, while reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency.

Why choose our semi-auto auger filler machine?

1. Synchronous mixing mechanism to avoid material leakage.
2. Transparent silo, the operating status of materials is clear at a glance.
3. The silo can be opened:
①It can be cleaned at any time and at will without dead ends. Completed in two minutes.
②The position of the agitator can be adjusted conveniently to achieve the best packing accuracy.
③It is convenient to maintain and repair the agitator, metering screw, long shaft and other components.

How to use semi-auto auger filler machine?

1. Coarse adjustment: adjust the adjustment screw of the process air control switch, move the position of the adjustment screw to the left and right, and adjust the adjustment screw of the return air control switch appropriately to achieve a satisfactory position.
2. Align the measuring cup or the bottle with the filling head, (Note: the material tank must be full, otherwise the filling quantity is inaccurate) Please check whether the measuring cup is filled accurately, or use an electronic balance to weigh the filling bottle.
3. If there is an error, use the handwheel to move the return switch, move forward to reduce the loading volume, and vice versa when moving backward.
4. Repeatedly adjust the return program control switch until the required loading volume and accuracy are fine-tuned.

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