Model: STS-4525
Model: STF-20LG/B

Semi-auto L Bar Sealer  Shrink Wrap Tunnel  STF-20LG/B+STS-4525

  • Origin:Tianjin,China
  • Certificate:ISO9001
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

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Check out this video on how our Semi-auto L Bar Sealer & Shrink Wrap Machine is used

Model STF-20LG/B STS-4525
Power 1kw AC220V 9kw AC380/220V
Tunnel Size Air Source 6-8kg/cm² 1000*450*250mm
Packaging Speed 0-15m/min 0-10m/min
Machine Size 1730*790*980mm 1300*800*1520mm
Packaging Size 1780*840*1130mm 1350*850*1670mm
Weight 155kgs 270kgs

This machine is made of shrink tunnel and sealing machine. Adopt L bar sealing, then automatically transit to the shrink chamber and finish the shrinking;
Anti-stick high-temperature alloys L type sealing knife which can seal neatly, without cracking, coking and smoking; The sealing blade with Teflon non-stick coating layer makeshift non-sticking.
1. It is easy to adjust the conveyor height by the hand wheel.
2. Control the sealing time by time relay.
3. Sliding bracket can be placed all kinds of shrink film, while the punching device is smooth.
4. The whole sealing function of STF-20LG/B is automatically completed by cylinder which decreases labour intensity and increases working efficiency.
5. Sealing knife with automatic anti mistakenly cutting and anti-overheating protection device effectively protect the operator away from accidental cutting.
6. With emergency stop device in case of emergency situations can immediately stop the machine running.
7. Imported electrical components assure stable performance.
8. Imported heat – resistant insulation curtain greatly reduces heat loss
9. Stainless steel heating elements makes warming-up fast. Large power fan motor assures big wind volume and air transported uniform. According to products’ sizes and output, you can adjust conveyor speed and chamber temperature to achieve optimal contraction effect.
10. Using solid roller conveyor, external anti-high temperature silicone tube can endure heavier objects and rollers will become deformed.
11. The machine is widely used in biscuits, printing products, pharmaceuticals, floors, pottery, boxes and other packaging fields which only need one operator and conveniently working. The packing speed is fast and improves the working efficiency greatly which specially suits for bulk products packing.
Suitable for PVC, POF, PET film sealing wrapping.

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