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Shrink packing machine is an automatic packing machine applied to various types of products. At first, it was a product that was produced to avoid errors in manual packaging and ensure the accuracy of the number of products.

Very good efficiency and practicality, so this product has been welcomed and loved by the major manufacturers after its output. Shrink packing machines are generally divided into two types, one is a semi automatic shrink wrapping machine that requires manual precision operation, and the other is automatic shrink packaging machine for assembly line production.

Application for semi automatic manual shrink wrap machines:

Suitable for beverage, beer, mineral water and other bottled products. It can also be used for sealing and shrink packaging of single or multiple combinations of electrical appliances, auto parts, home furniture, flooring, etc.

Features for semi automatic manual shrink wrap machines:

1.Semi-automatic manual heat shrink wrapping machine — sealing and cutting knife, generally used as a shrink packaging machine supporting equipment, while also being used alone.
2.sealing and cutting knife so that shrink film packaging once sealed and cut into shape, plated Teflon non-stick layer sealing cloth, sealing and cutting does not stick to the film, and sealing neatly without cracking, the product after sealing and cutting, into the shrink machine to complete the packaging.
3.Adopt the original imported cylinder to make the material pushing and sealing stable.
4.Adopt Tron coating sealing knife, the sealing line is firm, no crack, no smoke and not easy to stick to the knife.
5.Original imported electrical components are used to reduce malfunction during use.
The concealed cylinder device increases the convenience of operation, and the press device at the back end ensures that even lightly packed items will not be shifted.
6.The positioning frame at the front end can be adjusted arbitrarily for packing products of different shapes and specifications.
7.The heat shrink machine adopts double air-carrying motors, the hot air volume in the furnace cavity is uniform, and the shrinkage effect is beautiful.
8.Adopting solid iron rod or chain mesh conveyor belt, with large load capacity and stable and durable operation.
9.Conveyor adopts frequency converter to control transmission speed, stepless speed adjustment.

Technical parameters:

Package length:800mm~2200mm
Package width:800mm~1100mm
Package height:30mm~350mm
Package weight:50~200kg
Conveyor table height: 800mm
Sealing temperature: ≤250℃
Sealing time: 0.5-1.5 seconds
Sealing method: pneumatic four-sided sealing (fully closed)
Power: 8kw
Voltage / frequency: AC 3¢ 380V / 50Hz
Gas source: 0.6kgf/cm2
Applicable package material: PE single roll material × 2 rolls
Packaging efficiency: 10-30 packages / min

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