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Shrink packing machine is an automatic packing machine applied to various types of products. At first, it was a product that was produced to avoid errors in manual packaging and ensure the accuracy of the number of products.

Very good efficiency and practicality, so this product has been welcomed and loved by the major manufacturers after its output. Shrink packing machines are generally divided into two types, one is a semi automatic shrink wrapping machine that requires manual precision operation, and the other is automatic shrink packaging machine for assembly line production.

Application for semi automatic manual shrink wrap machines:

A manual shrink wrap machine is ideal for small businesses, home offices, and other small operations that don’t have a large volume of goods to wrap. Suitable for beverage, beer, mineral water and other bottled products. It can also be used for sealing and shrink packaging of single or multiple combinations of electrical appliances, auto parts, home furniture, flooring, etc.

Beside manual shrink wrap machine, we also have fully automatic shrink packing machines

Features for manual shrink wrap machine:

1.The process is simple and involves slipping an item into the plastic film, clamping an I-Bar onto the open end, and then applying heat to a heating wire.

The heat will cause the plastic to melt and cut, and the heat gun will then make the package tight. Most small business shrink wrap machines can seal a package within a minute.

If you’re a single person, a smaller scale machine can be used with two people to handle larger orders.

2.Another type of manual shrink wrap machine is with shrink wrap tunnel type, which uses a thin polyolefin film and has a four-sided sealer.

This type of shrink wrapper is ideal for packaging small amounts of products. The main advantages of a tunnel type machine are its flexibility and ease of use.

The chamber type machine is a versatile packaging solution for low-volume operations, which also requires only one operator.

Unlike an automatic machine, a manual shrink wrapper requires items to be placed on the infeed conveyor and then caught when it comes out.

Technical parameters:

Package length:800mm~2200mm
Package width:800mm~1100mm
Package height:30mm~350mm
Package weight:50~200kg
Conveyor table height: 800mm
Sealing temperature: ≤250℃
Sealing time: 0.5-1.5 seconds
Sealing method: pneumatic four-sided sealing (fully closed)
Power: 8kw
Voltage / frequency: AC 3¢ 380V / 50Hz
Gas source: 0.6kgf/cm2
Applicable package material: PE single roll material × 2 rolls
Packaging efficiency: 10-30 packages / min

Benefit of manual shrink wrap machine:

1.A manual shrink wrap machine is an effective choice if you’re only wrapping 150 to 200 products daily.

Higher production levels may require a automatic shrink wrap machine. The most basic feature of a fully-automatic shrink wrap machine is the ability to customize the air duct inside the tunnel to fit different packaging shapes.

A high-quality heat sealer can prevent the shrinking process from being too long or too short. It’s important to remember that you can customize your machine according to the size and shape of your products.

2.The manual shrink wrap machine is an inexpensive option that requires effort throughout the entire process.It is easy to operate and will save you time and money. A manual shrink wrap machine is the most flexible option for packaging small items.


A manual shrink wrap machine is a portable, lightweight machine that is easy to use. It is a durable and versatile option that is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.

A manual shrink wrap machine is an excellent choice for a small business that needs to shrink-wrap many products. A semi-automatic machine will allow you to automate all the processes. It is the cheapest option if you’re trying to pack a small business’s products.

A manual shrink wrap machine is portable, lightweight, and built for small to medium-sized businesses. A semi-automatic machine is a step up from a manual machine.

It is a fully-automatic machine with a heating and wrapping platform. The heat sealer is a floor-standing unit, and the operator must manually wrap each product before it passes through the shrink tunnel.

These machines are a good choice for businesses with a small number of products.

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