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shampoo pouch filling and packing machine – Shuntian

Shampoo Pouch Filling And Packing Machine

In the daily chemical industry, especially in the skin care industry, shampoo is a basic product. Portable shampoo pouch and shampoo sachet are very attractive. In order to make filling more convenient, Shuntian Packaging Machinery has developed new equipment—shampoo pouch packing machine.

Check out the following video on how our sauce packaging meachine is used

Video for sauce pouch filling machine

Video for  3 side sealing sauce sachet packaging machine

Video for powder bag packing machine

Features of shampoo pouch packing machine:

  1. The shampoo pouch packing machine has a strong filling speed and packing speed, and it can also be connected with other packaging equipment very flexibly. Moreover, the shampoo pouch packing machine price is also controlled within a very reasonable range, which can greatly save costs, improve production efficiency, create greater benefits for enterprises, and allow many enterprises to quickly accept
  2. This sauce pouch packing machine is a production line equipment, and can be an efficient production line composed of automatic labeling machines, inkjet printers, tape sealing machines, balers and other related supporting equipment. It is professionally used for filling and producing fructose, honey, syrup and other liquid materials.
  3. The shampoo pouch filling machine line uses pneumatic components from Germany FESTO, Taiwan AirTac and electronic control components from Taiwan Delta. It has the advantages of stable performance, convenient adjustment, high accuracy, and convenient adjustment, and the operation is very simple and easy to learn.
  4. The shampoo pouch packing machine adopts a high-precision servo film delivery system with a measurement accuracy of ±0.3g.
  5. The machine is easy to operate, can improve production efficiency, speed up the speed of 60 -220bags per minute, reduce labor intensity and improve the grade of packaging equipment.
  6. High-sensitivity touch screen, automatically memorize 8 groups of parameters, and can use multiple languages.

Technical Specifications for shampoo sachet packing machine:

Film width: up to1200mm

Thickness:0.07-0.1 mm

Outside Diameter:≤φ300mm

Sealing width:≤560 mm

Sachet size: L 50~180 mm W 48~150 mm

Filling dose:honey sachet:1~50g

Capacity:180-220 packs/min

FAQ for shampoo pouch packing machine:

  1. Do you have multi pack shampoo machine?

Yes, we have other series, if you are interested, please contact us.

  1. What is the warranty period of shampoo sachet packing machine?

1 year warranty and lifetime free maintenance(you pay the transportation fee)

  1. What is the price of shampoo pouch packing machine?

It depends on the capacity of shampoo, production speed, single line or multi line and other factors. Different factors and different prices

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