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Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

We are manufacturer of single chamber vacuum packaging machine in China. The vacuum machine

is used for meat, fruit, rice, flour and so on. If you are looking for vacuum machine supplier, please contact us.

ST-B700 flat pocket bag non-woven making machine

Non-woven making machine ST-B700

  • Model NO.: ST-b700
  • Bag type: vest bag, D cut bag, drawstring bag
  • Computerized:Computerized
  • Production Speed:20-120PCS/Min
  • Material:PP Non Woven Fabric

The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine is a device that automatically seals the packaging bag immediately after it is drawn into a low vacuum. It can achieve the purpose of keeping food fresh and inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms.

The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine vacuum-packages meat products, condiments, soybean products, medicines, grains and other powdery, solid, and liquid items to achieve the purpose of extending the product storage period, preventing mildew, corruption, and moisture.

The small vacuum packaging machine has only one working room. Before the next product is vacuumed, it needs to wait for the vacuuming process of the previous product to be completely finished. The efficiency of the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine is not very high.

If you require a higher efficiency, you can choose a double-chamber vacuum packaging machine. Its efficiency is 1.5 times that of a single-chamber.

The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine is a small vacuum packaging machine in the final analysis, and the price varies to a certain extent due to different materials and configurations.

The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine adopts a time relay, which has been specially waterproofed to extend its service life.

The heating system of this machine is researched and developed by our company, which has obvious characteristics such as uniform heating and good sealing effect.

The characteristics of the whole machine: The appearance is all stainless steel, the operation is stable, and the water removal function is provided.

The technical characteristics of the equipment are completely comparable to the imported equipment.