shrink wrap machine for box

Small box shrink wrapping machine

The small box shrink packing machine can protect box from damage and dirty.

It is suitlabe for cosmetic boxes, catering boxes, supermarket boxes, etc.

Videos For How To Use Box Shrink Wrapping Machine

L bar box shrink packing machine

Multi package shrink packing machine

automatic fruit pillow back seal packing machine

What is a box shrink packaging machine?

A box shrink wrap machine is a high-speed device that encloses boxes in a plastic film and encloses them. There are many different kinds of box shrink wrap machines. They can be used for a variety of purposes.

Other applications for these devices include bundling packing, body sleeves, and box packing. A shrink wrapping machine can also be used for bundling and packaging.

There are many different types of shrink wrap machines, but the most common is the all-in-one model. It combines sealing and shrinking tasks in one unit. The pinwheel perforator, on the other hand, inserts tiny holes into the shrink film. This allows air to escape, making it a very popular option for packaging products.

Features for box shrink packaging machine

1.The main operating panel in a shrink wrap machine is called the control panel. This panel allows users to set the temperature, time, and rate for the shrink film.
2.The automatic industrial bottle shrink wrap machine has a flexible design that allows for individual packs as well as collations.
3.These box shrink wrap machines are easy to integrate into an existing line. They are also easy to operate and use.
4.The most important feature is their portability and automatic functions.

Working principle of box shrink wrap machine

The main operating panel of a shrink wrap machine contains a variety of controls, including temperature, conveyor speed, and seal time.

The sealing bar is mechanically driven, while the discharge conveyor is gravity-driven. When the film is sealed, it goes through a shrink chamber.

The heat from the air inside the chamber stretches the film, resulting in a thin, protective seal.

The shrinking chamber is fully enclosed, and is filled with hot air. The time required to shrink the film is set on the shrinker.

Types of box shrink wrap machine

1.Semi automatic and fully automatic box shrink wrap machine
2.L type, sleeve type and side type

The differences are:

Side seal box shrink wrap machine:

1. vertifcal closure of the seal, the size of the packaging merchandise is no longer limited.
2. packing pace of up to 20-40 pack/min
3. sealing and reducing through the servo motor manipulate , to make sure that the sealing and reducing positioning precision and sealing line awesome .
4. sealing and reducing knife with computerized safety function, efficiently stop the false slicing of the packing cloth .

L type box shrink wrap machine:


A box shrink wrap machine is an industrial-grade packaging machine that seals and protects packages. It is used for high-volume operations such as warehouses, retail stores, and even disaster relief projects.

These machines allow for one person to handle all tasks. A single individual feeds items into the heat cutting and sealing machine and shrink them using a shrink tunnel, while another person places the wrapped items on an infeed conveyor.

Some machines combine sealing and shrinking tasks. These are called all-in-one machines, which use a specially designed chamber to do the work of a heat gun or hot wire knife.

These machines also use an L-Bar sealer, which seals both sides of the film at once. The hood has a hot knife wire that runs along its bottom edge. A fan circulates hot air within the chamber, allowing the film to be cooled off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this machine also be used for assembly packaging? For example, I want to pack 5 bottles of juice together.

Yes, both single pack and assembly pack can be accepted.

Which kind of material will be workable for this machine?

POF or PE shrink film. It is depends. But these two films cannot be used at the same time. It means: if you want to use two kinds of shrink film, then you need to buy an additional sealing knife.

How about the speed?

It based on the size and weight of the packaged products, usually 15-40ppm.

How to set the temperature of the shrinking tunnel?

Depending on the thickness of the shrink film you use, the temperature is usually set in 170 degrees to 220 degrees.

I have multiple boxes of different sizes, can I use this machine?

Each model of machine has a fixed packaging range, from MIN to MAX. As long as your size is within the packaging range, it’s all right.

I want to packing and sealing but no need shrinking, is it ok?

Yes. These two machines can be used separately. If you only need packaging and sealing, then just buy a packaging machine. Ignore the part of the shrink tunnel.

Except box, can this machine pack other products?

Of course. In addition to boxes, you can also pack vegetables, fruits, bottled yogurt, noodles and other foods, as well as some industrial products, construction products, etc. We have many models of machines that can meet almost all needs.

What is the advantage of shrink wrap machine?

Multiple systems to ensure precise operation
The thermostat adopts a digital display thermostat with built-in PLD function, and the temperature of the sealing knife is sensitive and accurate, which can be set at will. The sealing knife itself also has an automatic protection function, which can effectively prevent the package from being cut by mistake.
Advanced cutter Seals firmly
The sealing and cutting knife part adopts Teflon coating, which is resistant to adhesion and high temperature, and the sealing does not crack, coke, or smoke. The sealing frame is made of high-quality alloy steel, and the frame is not easy to deform.
Automatic feeding Automatic adjustment
Automatic feeding, length can also be adjusted automatically by the combination of electric eye and timer. Equipped with an induction motor to automatically take up waste.
Plexiglass protective cover Improve safety
The sealing and cutting part of the machine is equipped with a plexiglass protective cover, and has an automatic alarm function, which greatly improves the safety of the operator.
Imported detection photoelectric
Horizontal and vertical detection each group

Other question

Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are a factory to provide OEM/ODM Pre-prodcution/Visiable On-Production/ and realiable After-Production services

2:What’s the payment terms?

A: TT transfer and other payment methods if it is convenient for you.

3:What’s the warranty of your equipment?

A:1 year warranty on the machine core after receipt check upon delivery. And we will comprehensively provide you all kinds of technical support service in after-sales.We test every machine manually to make sure they are in good condition before they are sent to your place.

4:What is the service?

real-Time online service,engineer overseas service is also available if necessary. Six Years experiences help you achieve efficient procurement.

5:What’s your advantage? Why we choose you?

A1: We have the most professional techniques and team, we are able to customiz machines according to the customer requirements,which is hardly acquired from other suppliers.

A2:We are a professional manufacturer and warmly welcome clients from worldwide to visit our factory and cooperate with us. In order to meet the growing international demand, our company is looking for motivated agents to promote products all over the world. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry for any other questions ,We will come back soon with proper solution.

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