Small Horizontal Flow Wrapper Packaging Machine For Sale

Small horizontal flow wrapper machine, it is used for bakery, chapati, toast, cookies, cakes, cup cake, rusk and so on. The whole process complete by pillow packing machine. If you want to get the factory price, please contact, 0086 139 20077206

  • Origin:Tianjin,China
  • Certificate:ISO9001
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

0086 139 2007 7206(Mobile)

Video For horizontal wrap packaing machine

Video For Cutlery Packaging Machine

Video For Bar Soap Packaging Machine

Video For Vegetable Packing Machine

Technical Features for pillow type automatic bread packing machine

1. Double frequency conversion controller,luggage span could be setted and also cutted at 1 measure,saving the time and movie;

2. Interface features simple and quick setting and functionality Self collapse identification,clear collapse screen;

3. High-sensitivity photo electric eye shade tracing,numerical input of clipping back sealing place for estra precision;

4. Temperature independent PID management,more appropriate for packaging distinct substance;

5. Positioned stop Feature,without adhering knife or squandering movie;

6. Simple driving method,Dependable functioning,easy to preserve;

7. All control is accomplished through applications,easyto work technical and adjusting upgrade.

Type:Multi-Function Automatic Bread Packaging Machine
Applicable Industry:Bread factory
Packaging Type:Bags,film
Bag length:65-190mm,120-280mm
Packing rate:50-240bag/min
Film width:≤320mm

After Service For Automatic Bread Packing Machine

1. Absolutely free product warranty for a year.

2. A bunch of sporting elements is supplied at no cost.

3. Provide English setup instructions and circuit diagrams.

4. Provide whole setup video information along with parts gathering video, multilanguage explanation.

5. In a few nations, you’ll find concerted agents that offer spare parts and offer longterm service earnings.

6. An remote guidance product sales agency team to supply 24hour on the web guidance services such as engineers.

How do you shrink wrap bottles?

We supply two type: semi automatic machine and auto shrink wrap machine.

Single bottle-manual or automatic L bar shrink wrap machine are usually used.
Row of bottles-semi automatic or automatic sleeve shrink packaing machine, L type machine is also welcome.

Speed of bottle shrink wrap machines:

Bottle auto sleeve shrink wrap machine:up to 30 packs/min
Pillow type PET bottle shrink wrap machine:up tp 150 packs/min
Bottle auto L bar shrink wrap machine: up tp 35 packs/min
Semi automatic sleeve shrink wrap machine:up to 12 packs/min

Features for bottle shrink wrap machine:

1. The material and requirements of the film can be customized according to the product length and shrinkage requirements.
2. Pneumatic sealing system
3. Power supply: 230V, 50HZ
4. Digital temperature controller with sensor to control the temperature of the shrinking furnace
5. Equipped with high-quality heavy-duty chain for product transfer



Suitable for min 13 micron POF film

One year warrantyVideo guide installation

Multine line bottles are avaliable

Divided into two types, tray packaging and non-tray packaging


Real factory from packaging machinery in China,For more information about the bottle shrink wrap machine, please get in touch via our contact form or, whatsapp/Tel:0086 13920077206


Our bottles need to be packaged in batches and then sent to the supermarket, which is too difficult for manual packaging. Shuntian provided us with a full set of packaging and palletizing solutions. We have been using it for 2 years. The machine is basically trouble-free. We are very satisfied with the supplier we choose. Remember that stability is the first priority in machine selection.

Emmanuel Ngonga2021.10.24

The bottle shrink machine is delivered quickly, the service is very good, and the price is very affordable. Looking forward to the next cooperation!

Arlen Zechariah2021.05.26

The quality of the product is beyond my expectation. This certainly shall influence my decision to demand more of your products in the near future.

Darnell Black2020.12.03

La etiquetadora está excelente, muy buena calidad de producto y lo que más me está gustando es el servicio Post Venta ya que me he podido apoyar de David Zhang, me han resuelto dudas de operación de la máquina, me han enviado videos explicativos. Muchas gracias

Alvis Herbert2020.08.19

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