small mini pouch filling packing and sealing machine

A small mini pouch filling packing and sealing machine is a type of packaging equipment used to automatically fill and seal small pouches with various types of products. These machines are typically designed for small to medium production runs and are often used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical manufacturing. Email:; whatsapp:0086 13920077206

How To Use Mini Pouch Packing Machine

Single lane pouch package

Multi lane stick package

These mini small stick pouch packaging machines are typically compact and easy to operate, making them ideal for small businesses or startups. They can be used to package a variety of products such as powders, liquids, granules, and solids. The pouches may be made of different materials such as plastic, aluminum, or paper, depending on the product being packaged.

Types of the bags:

sample of packaging

Overall, small mini pouch filling packing and sealing machines are efficient and cost-effective solutions for packaging small products in a streamlined and automated manner.

Sealing form for honey sachet bag:

Packing speed 20-50 packs/min 20-50 packs/min
Maximum bag size 150mm*200mm 200mm*280mm
Measuring range 5ml-500ml 100-800ml
Power supply 220V 220V

Advantage of the mini sachet packing machine:

This machine supports simple adjustment of the size and weight of the bag, and the bag maker can be easily replaced in a few minutes without complicated procedures to meet the needs of different size bags.

In addition, it uses dual servo motors, which can achieve precise positioning, smooth and efficient operation.

The mini sachet machine also has an automatic alarm protection function, which can minimize losses.

The sachet machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is safe and durable.

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