Solid Bar Aluminum Profile Shrink Wrap Machine

The solid bar high speed cutting and sealing machine is suitable for automatic online shrink packaging of products. Automatic feeding or manual feeding can be selected. The film is folded in half and can be sealed on three sides. The solid bar shrink wrap machine is with transparent window function, you can see the whole process of packaging.

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Solid bar shrink packaging machine is specially designed for solid bar,plastic door, aluminum alloy door, wooden door and other heat shrinkable film outer packaging. This is a customized product. This machine adopts electronic stepless variable speed temperature adjustment; relatively large power, good shrinkage effect. Closed hot air internal circulation type, electronic solid-state electrical control, stable and reliable, low noise, long life; during the shrinking process

Features for solid bar shrink wrap machine

1.Conveyor belt speed can be adjusted arbitrarily
2.Wind speed adjustment on the side of the machine, hot air circulation at the bottom, saving energy
3.Roller rotation, movable/fixed can be adjusted arbitrarily
4.Any product within the effective size can be shrink-wrapped

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