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solid bar aluminum profile shrink wrap machine – Shuntian

Solid Bar Aluminum Profile Shrink Wrap Machine

The solid bar high speed shrink wrap machine is suitable for automatic online shrink packaging of long products. Automatic feeding or manual feeding can be selected. The film is folded in half and can be sealed on three sides. The solid bar shrink wrap machine is with transparent window function, you can see the whole process of packaging.

Check out this video on How To Use Solid Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

Solid bar is wrapped by solid bar shrink wrap machine. The packed solid bar can prevent dirt and rust.

How to operate solid bar shrink wrap machine?

It works similarly to the cucumber shrink wrap machine. The machine consists of shrink film, wrapping machine and shrink tunnel. The solid bar is placed on the wrapping machine, wrapped by shrink film, and then cut by a cutter. Under the transportation of the conveyor belt, it enters the high-temperature shrink tunnel, and the shrink film tightly wraps the solid bar together under the chemical reaction. The maximum capacity of the solid bar shrinking machine needs to be determined according to the type of machine and the length of the bar.
In addition to solid bars, these machines can wrap toys, shoes, gift boxes, etc. It can be used only by adjusting the abrasive tool according to the size of the product.

More and more buyers pay attention to shrink packaging, contact us to get more information about SHUNTIAN and solid bar shrinkage.

Features for solid bar shrink wrap machine

1.Conveyor belt speed can be adjusted arbitrarily
2.Wind speed adjustment on the side of the machine, hot air circulation at the bottom, saving energy
3.Roller rotation, movable/fixed can be adjusted arbitrarily
4.Any product within the effective size can be shrink-wrapped

Application for the aluminum bar shrink wrap machine

This computing device is appropriate for packing lengthy objects (such as wood, aluminum, etc.). It adopts the most superior Imported PLC programmable controller, with security safety and alarm device, to ensure the computing device high-speed stability.

A range of Settings can be without problems carried out on the contact display screen operation. Use aspect sealing design, there is no restrict of product packaging length. The sealing line top can be adjusted in accordance to the packing product height.

It is outfitted with imported detection photoelectric, horizontal and vertical detection in one group, with convenient to change selection.

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