Spice Pouch Packing Machine

Spice pouch packing machine is a type of plastic pouch packing machine,mainly suitable for the measurement and packaging of food powder, seasoning powder, chili powder, arrowroot powder, chemical seasoning and other powders .

spice pouch packing machine

The demand for spice pouch packing machines in the market has always been high. It is as small as the spice package in the instant noodles we usually eat, and the packaging of condiments in bags is indispensable for condiment production equipment. Due to the particularity of its materials, the general condiment production equipment is prone to blockage. Tianjin Shuntian’s condiment processing and packaging equipment has improved this point. It is equipped with a stirring device that automatically stirs when the machine is operating to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

The entire packaging process basically realizes one-button operation. In the ever-changing market, the spice pouch packaging machine is always able to preemptively, get the first opportunity, and get a good victory.

spice pouch powder packaging equipment adopts no speed adjustment, and can be equipped with different feeding mechanisms to package powder and other items.

Feature of spice pouch packing machine:

Packing Film:Laminated Film, Like BOPP/CPP, PA/PE, Thickness 30

Bag Size:Length 40-190mm Width:40-150mm

Packing Speed:30-70bags/Min


It’s pneumatic transmission system using a trusted performance being guaranteed. A computer with a simple operation and modification being supplied controls it, the better functionality is steady, as well as the quality is more reliable.

Staples adjusting of this packing rate.

Adopting suitable luggage length controlling technologies, the bag span could be flexible stepless, exact length, suitable adjustment.

Solving the issues of attraction bench and trickle to guarantee the tight sealing, so enhancing the standard of the bundles.

Intelligent temperature control, continuous sealing temperature guarantees that the sealing quality.

Recognizing three side-by-side, four side making and sealing flatness totes and bags without altering components.

Safe and plausible photoelectric discovering, providing complete signature pattern.

Filling rang is measure less elastic inside the specific extent.

Lot number being mechanically printed on the tote, also may leave a tiny gap for ripping and convenient usage.

The spice pouch powder machine is constructed from stainless steel grappling with great look, appropriate to food, medication and chemical market.

Thank you for your decision to our system Your satisfaction is our permanent goal. We’re not the very best, but seeking to be the ideal. Please see this instruction prior to using.

Our service for spice pouch packing machine:

  1. Manules / Videos of all server setup, correcting, setting, and maintenance are offered for you personally.
  2. Free packaging option out of our primary engineer.
  3. Evalcan have the trained team to trace your orders carefully to ensure that the merchandise might be finished promptly together with higher quality.
  4. If some issues happened and also you cannot determine the solutions, Telecom or even on the web face-to-face communication available twenty four hours.
  5. Evalcan tech can be bought send to some states for services in the event that you agree cover the cost.
  6. 1 calendar year guranty for system. Throughout the warranty year in case any one of those parts divided not by artificial. We’ll free fee to displace the newest one for your requirements.
  7. Evalcan has a different team for after-sale support. Any emergency please telephone the saleman.

Q1: The way to find a spice pouch packaging machine suitable for my own product?

Tell us regarding your product information and packaging requirements.

  1. 1. What type of product do you love to package?
  2. The bag/sachet/pouch size of you require to your item packaging ( the span ( width).
  3. The burden of each and every package you require.
  4. Your demand of those machines and also the tote form.

Q2:Could you describe me the entire transaction procedure?

  1. Signal the Contact
  2. Organize 40% deposit into our mill
  3. Factory organize generation
  4. Testing & discovering the system before sending
  5. Inspected by third or customer service through on the internet or site evaluation.
  6. Organize the equilibrium payment prior to dispatch.

The automatic spice packing machine is an ideal solution for spice makers who need to save on labor and material. It is a smart and effective packaging solution that helps in the reduction of the material waste. It uses four parts, which include a material elevator, a material conveyor, and a volumetric cup device. It is also equipped with a PLC control system. It is ideal for any snack or granule that requires a tight seal.

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