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stick pack filling machines for sale – Shuntian

Stick pack filling machines for sale

SHUNTIAN has 20 years of experience in the stick packing field. We are a Chinese sticks pack filling machines manufacturer.

These machines are widely used in honey, coffee, salt and other fields.

What is stick packing?What is a stick pack machine?

Stick packing refer to small bags containing stick.

The most common question people ask about stick pack machines is what is involved in its production. This type of packaging machinery uses a single sheet of film material wrapped around a core, called a rollstock, to form individual bags.

These bags are usually convenient to open and pour, and are easy to stock and transport in large quantities. To determine what is involved in manufacturing a stick pack, it helps to learn more about how these machines work.

Application of stick packing machine

A stick packing machine is an automated packaging machine that fills and seals a variety of stick pack packages. These machines are useful for packaging a variety of products.

The machine should be able to reject empty packages. It should also have excellent controls and be easy to use.

While some models can be difficult to use, others will perform a variety of tasks reliably and efficiently.

The following are some common applications for stick packing machines.It is widely used in honery stick,coffee stick,sugar stick,salt stick and so on.

How do stick pack machines work?

1.They should have great controls and should reject empty packs automatically.
2.It uses a single sheet of heat-sealing film (also known as rollstock).
3.The stickpack machine uses a pneumatic shaft to position the film reel.
4.The cross-seal jaws are located at the front of the stick packing machine and move the film as the reel unwinds.
5.The two photocells in the film are used to ensure the right alignment of the film.
6.A touch-screen operator interface provides easy operation and high precision.
7.The film is pressed against the forming tube and ends up in the desired stick pack shape.

Videos For How do stick pack machines work

Four line stickpack machine

1 line stick packing machine

Shaped stick packing machine

Features for stick packaging machine

Single-lane stick packaging machines produce a single long pack that is then cut into individual sachets. Multi-lane stick packing machines have multiple lanes, and can produce single-lane or multi-track sachets. In addition to stick, sachet packaging machines can also create flat-bottom, pillow, and center-seal sachets.

1.Stick pack machines are used for filling multiple sizes of stick-pack packages.
2.It can be configured for multi-lane production.The speed could be 500 pcs/min.
3.This is very useful if you are packaging a variety of different products.
4.They are fully automatic, and can be programmed to produce a variety of sizes and types of products.
5.Most of these stickpack machines have controls and a programmable logic controller, which allow the operator to set the parameters of the process.
6.Option choice: even feature print detection, which helps in identifying empty packages.
7.The stick packing machine should be durable and be made of stainless steel to avoid rusting.
8. The stick packing machine should also have sensors to prevent accidents and ensure efficiency.
9.These sensors will let you know if the machine is having problems, shut down the packaging machine and reject the sealed products in a safe manner.

Types of stick packaging machines

1. According to the degree of mechanization, it can be divided into automatic stick packaging machine and semi automatic packaging machine.

2. According to the film processing method, it can be divided into three side seal stick packing, four side seal stick, back seal stick, continuous stick. You can see the difference between videos.

3. According to the state of the object, it can be divided into powder stick packing machine, spices stick packing machine, granules stick packing machine, liquid and pastes stick packing machine.

4. According to the packing size, it can be divided into normal stick and mini stick  packing machine.

5. According to the running channel of the packaging, it can be divided into single line stick packing machine and multilane stick pack machine.

6. According to the working mode of the stickpack machine, it can be divided into vertical stick packing machine and horizontal stick packing machine.

Benefit of using the stick packing machine

There are many benefits of using a stick packing machine.
1,.it’s easy to produce high-quality products that don’t require much labor.
2.The process is streamlined and requires very little maintenance.
3.Once a product is packed, the seal will remain in place, and the product won’t lose its shape.
4.A stick packing machine’s multi-lane capacity can increase packing rate.
5.They are narrow, easy to carry and easy to pour.
6.It is very convenient for users because it is small and easy to fill.

Sachet packaging machine, Shuntian – China Premier Supplier and Manufactuer

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you tell me if the stick machine could work with honey?

The stick packing machine is used for many liquid and non liquid material. like coffee, salt, sugar,honey and so on.

If you want to buy a sticj machine, please contact: enquiry@chinashrinkmachine.com or Whatsapp/Tel:0086 139 2007 7206

Can you provide instructions on the proper settings for the different films? and also how to get the upper and lower machine to work together?

Sure, please send me your information for us.

Is stick pack machine no more than 1g to 50g weighing packing? if it can functioning also a half kilo and one-kilo? Replay, please!!

1g-50g is ok, but it can’t functioning also a half kilo and one-kilo.

I have this stick packing machine. Do you sell the plastic roll? How is it called?

Yes,we also provide plastic roll, it is called LLDPED film

Do you have sample demo of that stick packing machine? Which size can it pack? Liquids and Solid powdered?

Yes,we have demo for the stick pack. The bag size is W:20-50mm, L:50-160mm

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