Tomato Pouch Ketchup Sauce Sachet Packet Filling Packing Machine For Sale

Ketchup is a popular sauce for all ages and can be used as a dipping sauce for bread and toast. Since the sweet and sour taste can alleviate the greasy irritation, do you know how to package tomato sauce? This will use Shuntian’s ketchup packet pouch packaging machine-a new pouch packing machine.

sauce pouch sachet packing machine

Material properties: Items with certain fluidity, low viscosity, and semi-fluid.

Check out the following video on how to use ketchup sauce packaging meachine

Video for ketchup premade pouch bag packing machine

Video for  3 side sealing sauce sachet packaging machine

Video for vertical tomato paste packaing machine

The disposable ketchup packing machine for sale is widely used in fast food industry.The price is from 2800usd-29800usd.Compared with filling packaging, ketchup sachet or ketchup stick packing is more suitable for consumers to consume at one time, which is conducive to carrying, convenient and hygienic. If you need to serve the restaurant’s back kitchen, you can also buy a large dose of canned tomato sauce.

Features for ketchup packet filling machine:

1.The main body of the ketchup sealing machine is made of excellent SS316 stainless steel, which is more friendly to food and environment.
2.Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted at will, with high filling precision.
3.Filling head adopts anti-drip and upgraded filling device.
4.CE approved
5.The width and length of ketchup pouch can be changed according to specific requirements
6.There is an automatic diagnosis method, which can prevent the occurrence of empty tomato paste bags, broken tomato paste bags, etc., and save packaging materials.

sample of packaging

Technical parameters of ketchup packaging machine:

Measuring range:1-100ml
Packing speed:20-1000 bags/min
Bag size: Length:20~165mm Width: 30~130mm
Bag-making type:back seal, three-side seal, four-side seal
Body weight:220kg
Voltage:380v/50Hz 220v/50—60Hz
Packaging materials:composite packaging film, paper, nylon, PE, PET, etc.

Main devices:

Liquid mixing device
Bag feeding machine
Control material sinking device

Types of tomato ketchup sachet packing machine:

3 side sealed unit does pouch
3 side sealed unit does stick
Doy-pack single does pouch
Back sealed single does sachet
6-12 multi line stick packing

Other optional devices.

Ribbon printer
Air venting device

Shuntian is the leader in ketchup packaging machines. We can provide customized service according to customer’s requirements for products and bags. This machine has been sold to more than 30 countries, especially in the Philippines, Myanmar, etc. The sales are very high. If you are interested in this tomato ketchup packing machine, please contact us: 008613302063626

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