turmeric pouch powder packing machine

Turmeric powder pouch packing machine price

  • Model NO.: DXDF-100HR- III
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Packaging: PE film, Pre-Made Laminated Pouch
  • Material Type: film
  • FOB price: 2500 USD-28900 USD

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Features for Turmeric Powder Packing machine

1. Reciprocating horizontal sealing system, servo motor provides turmeric power to complete the traction of packaging film.
2. The frame film adopts the air expansion shaft locking form, which is convenient, fast and reliable to change the film and load and unload.
3. The full-page film adopts a rolling shear knife, which is cut according to the number of rows. The cutting is fast, durable and not easy to wear.
4. Translational volume adjustable metering hopper, easy to adjust, no phenomenon of throwing and grinding materials.
5. Brand electrical components ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.

What determines the price of turmeric powder pouch packing machine?

The most important decision is based on customer needs.
1. Generally speaking, machines with high configuration materials have better performance and higher prices than machines with low configuration materials.
2. The speed of bag making per minute and the weight of the product will also affect the price of the machine
3. Different optional equipment, different price.
4. Quantity is also important, More quantity, lower price.

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