Vertical chutney packing machine price

Chutney sauce is a condiment made of green onion, ginger, garlic, green pepper, red pepper, soy sauce, sugar, wine and other ingredients. It needs to be made with a chutney packing machine. If you want the price of the chutney packing machine, please contact us.

Advantage of chutney packing machine

1. Reduce production costs and management costs: chutney packing machine
can reduce 4-10 workers, and the input cost will be recovered within 1-2 years;
2. Improve product quality: The chutney has reached a unified standard in terms of appearance and packaging quality.
3. Reduce the rate of defective chutney, and the rate of finished chutney reaches more than 99.5%, avoiding the waste of manual packaging;
4. Improve hygiene standards: There is no direct contact with people during the packaging process to avoid human pollution.

Main performance and characteristics of chutney packing machine

1. Wide range of packaging: suitable for materials of various shapes, states and properties;
2. Convenient operation: PLC control and man-machine interface operating system make the operation intuitive and convenient;
3. Convenient adjustment: the replacement of varieties can be completed within ten minutes;
4. Suitable for different types of packaging bags;
5. Complete prevention system to ensure the yield rate, without wasting bags and materials;
6. The packaging part of the chutney packing machine adopts stainless steel materials to ensure the hygiene and safety of the materials;
7. High degree of automation: unmanned in the whole process of weighing and packaging, automatic alarm will be triggered when failure occurs;
8. Some imported engineering plastics are used, no need to refuel, which reduces the pollution of materials;
9. Oil-free vacuum pump is used to avoid pollution of the production environment.

Technical Parameters for chutney packing machine

1. Packing type: flat bag, three-side seal, four-side seal, zipper bag, self-supporting bag, etc.
2. Packing bag material: composite film, PP, etc.
3. Packing bag size: W: 100-300 mm L: 150-400 mm
4. Weight range: 5-1500g
5. Packing speed: 15-30 bags/min
6. Packaging accuracy: ≤±1%
7. Power supply: 3.38KW, AC380V, 50HZ

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Follow a manual added link