Vertical chutney packing machine price

Chutney sauce is a condiment made of green onion, ginger, garlic, green pepper, red pepper, soy sauce, sugar, wine and other ingredients. It needs to be made with a chutney packing machine. If you want the price of the chutney packing machine, please contact  0086 13302063626

The price is between 3200 USD-10000USD

Features of chutney packing machine

1,The downfeed valve control system, using a unique patented technology, can fill semi-fluid, viscous body containing large pieces of solid material, and oil, water, material separation of the mixed sauce body.
2,The chutney packing machine can be controlled by the operator with a foot pedal switch, or a photoelectric induction switch can be set to automatically complete the metering and discharging at one time, and fill the material directly into the container that is to complete one action.
3,According to the different materials of customers, the chutney packing machine can be equipped with different types of equipment to suit all kinds of materials, including the filling of solid substances and viscous bodies.
4,The citrus jam packaging production line is manually holding the container and controlling the switch to discharging. It is easy to use and simple to operate.

Technical Parameters for chutney packing machine

1.Chutney packaging machine configuration: high mixing cylinder + automatic filling machine + XY series bag filling and packaging machine + finished product conveyor
2.Packaging speed: 30-60 bags/min (depending on the material state and measuring range)
3.Measuring range:10-2000g
4.Bag making style: back seal bag, perforated back seal bag
5.Measuring accuracy: ±0.5% – ±2% (depending on the state of the material, the accuracy varies)
6.Air source: 0.6Mpa 0.3-0.6m3/min

Follow a manual added link
Follow a manual added link