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What is pillow packing machine – Shuntian

What is pillow packing machine

Pillow packing machine is an automatic continuous packaging equipment, which is widely used in various fields such as food and daily necessities packaging. It takes packaging film as the processing object and can package biscuits, cakes, soaps and other items. The wide application of pillow packaging machines is very attractive whether it is to improve the quality of production and improve the production efficiency.
Pillow packaging machines generally adopt the form of film rolls or trays. According to the product to be packaged, the size of the packaging film is set first, the feeding roller sends it out, and a cylindrical bag is formed in the bag maker part, heated at both ends, and heat sealed, The packaged items are continuously inserted into the cylindrical film at a certain interval, pushed to the terminal for heating and sealing, and cutting out at the same time. The whole working process is fast and efficient, and the packaging speed can reach about 200 bags per minute.

Because the packaging machine has a simple structure and low technical content, the price is not expensive. There are cheap ones ranging from 3300 USD to 5000 USD, and the expensive ones are more than 42000 USD. Although the pillow packing machine has a fast packaging speed and can be used for packaging most items, it is not suitable for items that require vacuum packaging. For example, some foods and pharmaceuticals that require vacuum packaging require a dedicated vacuum packaging machine, such as Bag vacuum packaging machine, stretch film vacuum packaging machine, etc.
At present, the pillow packaging machine industry is developing rapidly, and the market competition is also very fierce. When choosing a packaging machine, it is necessary to choose a brand-name enterprise with a long history, and choose a machine with mature technology, stable performance, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

How to use automatic pillow packaging machine:

1~Only need to press different buttons, platform conveying-automatic wrapping-automatic sealing-cylinder push-oven heat shrink-and then after cooling, automatic packaging is completed.
2~The packaging process does not require anyone to control it, it is simple and fast, avoids the tediousness of manual bagging, and effectively saves the cost of the sheet.
3~Adjustable film output device combined with induction switch to control the film length, making the film thinner and less loss.
4~The high-power turbofan is used in the furnace box to make the circulating air volume larger and more sufficient.
5~The large fan cooling system outside the furnace box makes the packaging shape faster and more stable.
6~New improvement, lengthen the furnace box to make the speed faster and the shrinking effect better.
7~ Quartz tube heating is used in the furnace box, which has good heat dissipation effect, less electricity consumption and longer life.
8~Specially processed sealing knife, accurate temperature control and firm film sealing.

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