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What is the price of the pallet stretch wrapping machine – Shuntian

What is the price of pallet wrapping machine?

Customers often call directly to inquire and ask what is the price of the stretch film machine? What are the determinants of its price? In fact, this kind of answer is really not easy, because it depends on the specific quotation of the product packaged by the customer. Many customers do not understand, so you can just report yours directly. I will see if it is suitable. Shuntian will provide you with a few requirements for the inquiry below.
1. Since the customer asks for a pallet wrapping machine, it must be packaged in a pallet. This requires knowing the size of the customer’s pallet. After knowing the size, the diagonal of the pallet can be calculated to select the pallet wrapping machine.


Turntable size.
Why is there this item? Customers will say that just put the pallet on the machine for packaging. In fact, this is not the case. If the size of the product tray is similar to the size of the turntable, and does not exceed the distance between the turntable and the winding machine column, this is still barely possible to pack, but the safety of the operator must be paid attention to. If the distance between the turntable and the column of the wrapping machine is exceeded, there is no way to pack, so it is important to know the size of the product tray, and if the product tray is large, some of it will be dangerous if it rotates. According to the actual size, a suitable winding packaging machine can be recommended.
2. The height of the packaged product. Generally, there are low-position and high-position pallet wrapping machines. The general machine price is between 15000-28000 yuan. The packaging height of the low-position winding packaging machine is 1.8 m. If the customer’s packaging product height does not exceed this size, you can choose this packaging height; if the customer’s packaging height exceeds 1.8 m and is below 2.4 m, you can choose the high-position machine. The height of the high-position wrapping machine is 2.4 m. If it exceeds this height, then the price of the machine has to be calculated separately.
3. The weight of the packaged product: If the weight of the wrapped product is not more than 2 tons, then the standard thickness of the turntable can be used, but if the product is too light, then the top-type winding packaging machine should be selected to prevent the product from being wrapped dispersed in the process. If the weight of the product exceeds 2 tons, the turntable of the pallet wrapping machine will be thickened, which has reached the weight of the customer’s product. Therefore, the product weight is also a factor that affects the price of the winding machine.
4. Use place: some customers use it in the country, and some customers want to export, so the use place determines the power supply voltage and power of the winding packaging machine. Although this cannot determine the price of the winding packaging machine, there will be some influencing factors. Yes, some electrical devices still need to be customized separately.

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