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Why are shrink packaging machines popular in packaging beverage bottles

Regarding the question of “Why shrink packaging machines are popular in packaging beverage bottles?”, today, Shuntian Machinery-Sealing and Cutting Machine (Fully Automatic Sealing and Cutting Machine) will come to talk to you about this topic. We all know that no matter what product everyone chooses to use, it must have its “excellent” right? What are the advantages of the shrink packaging machine in packaging beverage bottles? Take a look at the interpretation of sainty below!
In life, we can see all kinds of beverage bottles, and now many beverage packages have corresponding brand labels on the bottle body, except for some drinking water labels that are implemented by labeling machines For labeling, many other teas, beverages, etc. use heat shrink packaging machine to shrink the labels around the bottles, to avoid the trouble of weak labeling caused by irregular bottles. This is a very The ideal bottle label body shaping method, which is very popular in modern beverage packaging.

pof shrink film

Now heat shrink packaging machines are used by more and more beverage companies. In addition, because of the low cost of heat shrink packaging machines, they are modern equipment with complete functions, reliable performance and strong practicability. The flexibility and stretch ability of the heat shrink packaging machine packaging have solved many practical problems in packaging. For example, when we usually buy beverages, we will find that many beverage bottles are now irregular, even in any shape. This is also the pursuit of new product images to attract customers’ attention.
However, such a special-shaped bottle brings unexpected trouble to the packaging, that is, when labeling, it cannot be very flat and firm, which will cause looseness, label drop, etc., so the use of heat shrink packaging machine can be more compliant And firmness, it does not have much requirement on the shape of the bottle body, and the label can be attached to the bottle body as a whole, which will be more firm and solve various problems. However, the reason why the heat shrink packaging machine is used is also related to the fact that most beverage packaging labels now use the body bottle body, which can make the heat shrink packaging machine work better.

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