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Working principle and process of curry powder packaging machine

The working development process of the curry powder packaging machine: Firstly, the roll film is clamped, the film is passed through a set of guide rollers, and then introduced into the lapel former. After the technical former is rolled into a cylindrical shape, it is wrapped outside the feeding tube, and the film is rolled. A coding machine and cursor detection devices are also installed between the former and the former.

curry powder sachet packing machine

The longitudinal sealing block at the front end of the former starts to act to analyse the central sealing mechanism of the bag tube and heat seal longitudinally, and at the same time, the closing capacity of the two transverse sealing blocks heat seal the bag opening transversely. Then use the material to fill the heat-sealed packaging bag from the blanking tube. The traction control device needs to automatically detect different positions according to the system cursor to pull the bag tube down along the blanking tube. When the packaging bag stops, the printer finishes printing some by itself. Action, the vertical seal and the horizontal seal are sealed again, and then the cutter installed in the middle of the horizontal seal block cuts the packaging bag along the incision to complete such a product packaging production process. From the working and learning process of the packaging machine, the problem can be broken down into the following basic actions:

  1. Horizontal sealing: Through the opening and closing action of the heating block, the upper seal of the front packaging bag and the lower seal of the rear packaging bag are heated and sealed simultaneously. The movement of the horizontal sealing mechanism is generally controlled by a cylinder or a motor, and the time of the horizontal sealing action can be divided into three stages.
  2. Longitudinal sealing: the longitudinal opening and closing movement is longitudinally heat-sealed to the block heat bag. The longitudinal sealing operation of horizontal sealing is shorter than the stroke, multi-stroke cylinder controlled by small. Its operation can be broken down into three periods of a closed, horizontal sealing time that remains open.
  3. Coding: the date of technical production activities, different batch numbers of products, QR codes and other information can be printed on the packaging machine.
  4. Material: The material falling into the feed tube in a lower transverse sealed bag begins to drop the entire bag material, which is called the material filling process.
  5. Cutter: Cut the sealed packaging bag horizontally along the incision. Most of its action is controlled by a small stroke cylinder internally. Its action development process is similar to that of horizontal sealing.
  6. Cooling: The sealing temperature is high after heat sealing. In order to speed up the bonding speed of the seal, it is necessary to quickly blow and cool at the moment of opening.
  7. Film running: The film should be pulled down by one bag length in each cycle. The film pulling mechanism is controlled by a servo motor.

These are the curry powder packaging machine engineering and process can be divided into seven parts, I hope it can be helpful to you, pay attention to this site to learn more packaging machine industry information.

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