5 Reasons for poor shrinkage of PE shrink film

Have you ever encountered a situation where when you shrink the PE film, it always does not shrink well, so what is the reason? Here we list 5 reasons for it.

1. The quality of the film is too poor. The shrink film used by the heat shrink packaging machine needs to meet certain requirements. If the quality of the shrink film is too bad, the shrinking effect must be bad, either there are wrinkles or it will break.POF vs PVC shrink film

2. The furnace channel size is inappropriate. The furnace channel size of the heat shrink packaging machine is not suitable for two cases, one is that the furnace channel is too large, and the other is naturally the furnace channel is too small.

The situation that the furnace is too large is that the product receives less temperature and most of the heat is lost. Therefore, the heat shrink packaging machine needs to be increased to a high temperature to shrink better. If the furnace is too small, the film will stick to the inner wall of the furnace, which will be burnt.

3. The temperature is not enough. The working principle of the heat shrink packaging machine is actually relatively simple, that is, the matching of speed and temperature. When the temperature is low, the surface of the product will appear wrinkles.

And if the temperature is high, the film will be scalded again. As a rule of thumb, generally POF shrink film can be used at a temperature of about 130 degrees, while PE film can generally be used at a temperature of about 170 degrees.

4. The speed does not match. Different products contracted by users require different conveying speeds. There is no standard value for this speed for reference.

The main reason is that customers need to test during use. Generally, after several tests, relatively good results will appear up.

5. The shrink film of the shrink machine has no punctures. This situation is mainly aimed at the all-inclusive POF film.

When the user’s product needs to be all-inclusive, some small holes must be pierced on the surface of the shrink film, so that the gas in the film can be emitted through the small holes when shrinking, otherwise the gas will be lost. Inside the membrane, the membrane will bulge up.

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