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Dry fruits And Nuts Packing Machine — Shuntian

Dry fruits And Nuts Packing Machine Price

The common price for dry fruit and nut packaging machine is as below:

1.Semi powder packing machine: 3100 USD-4200USD

2.Medium speed and low weight per pouch: 9800 USD-32000 USD

3.High speed and multifunctional usage:On-demand quotation

It is suitable for all kinds of heat seal bag,for example, side seal bags, flat bottom bags, gusset bags and so on.The price is different from type of  machine.Contact us: enquiry@chinashrinkmachine.com

The dry fruit and nut packing machine is especially suitable for peanut, cashew nut, and pine nuts.

What is dry fruit packing machine

Dry fruit packing machine is a high-quality product that saves a lot of material. It can reduce packing time, eliminate the need for manual weighing and tare, and maintain hygienic standards.

This equipment performs a variety of tasks, including batch code marking and cutting.

It has the capacity to handle a variety of packaging requirements, including those for various nett weights and widths.

all kinds of weighting materials

Features for dry fruit packing machine:

1.The form of packaging can be pillow bag, stand up bag, 3 side seal bag.

2.We have one head weighting packing machine,4 head weighting machine,12 head weighting machine.

4.High-speed operation and automatic dispensing

5.Adjustable weighing range

6.With touch screen display

7.Ribbon tracking coders that can code on any material

8.Adopt intelligent circuit panel to realize programming control main circuit

9.It can also pack other bulk grains, daily necessities, etc., and has a wide range of uses.

There are many types of dry fruit packing machines on the market. Some are automatic and can be programmed to pack different weights and sizes.

Other models are semi-automatic and cost a small fortune. Both types of machines have a high production capacity and can easily pack up to 5000 packs per day for two operators.

The top hopper loads the material, which is discharged into a weighing pan and bagger. The pouch is

The most common dry fruits are almonds, cashews, and pistachios. These dry fruits are expensive and often heavy in particle size.

sample of packaging

Benefit of using the vegetable packing machine:

1.These machines are fully automated, and can reduce the cost of packing and transporting vegetables. They also provide accurate measurement of packing size and shape, and are equipped with a variety of safety measures to protect your vegetables and ensure that they are packaged perfectly.
2.Further, they can be customized to fit different packaging materials and styles, which makes them a great investment for your business.
3.A high-quality vegetable packaging machine will ensure freshness and sanitary packaging for your product. In a supermarket, you can use a simple and inexpensive, but reliable vegetable packaging line.

A dry fruit packing machine can be of great benefit for dry fruit sellers. It can save material, reduce the time required to pack each pouch, and can also reduce the reliance on human workers for packaging.

It should be simple to operate and be user-friendly. It should also be able to perform batch code marking and cutting. The above benefits are not limited to India, though. It is also useful in other countries as well.

The advantages of a dry fruit packing machine can be felt at the time of sale, as this machine is designed to help dry fruits suppliers and manufacturers save time and labor.

There are different models of dry fruit and nut packing machines, from semi-automatic to automatic. These pouch packing machines are ideal for any business that deals with dry fruits.

Those made by Shuntian machines are known for their high quality and are powered by electricity. They can be used to pack peanuts, almonds, and other types of dried fruits.

The dry fruit and nut packing machine  has been favored by many processing manufacturers since its launch. If you have a demand for a dry fruit packaging machine or nut packaging machine, please contact our company. We have a professional sales customer service to plan and select the type for you. Contact:enquiry@chinashrinkmachine.com Whatsapp: 0086 13920077206

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