Semi-automatic VS Fully automatic non-woven bag making machine

Non-Woven Bag Making Machine is a breakthrough modern Design that meets the diverse needs of global consumers for heavy production at a low cost of maintenance. It is ideal for large volumes and fast turnaround.

To manufacture dependable, high-quality, and long-lasting bags, you’ll need to invest in the best non woven bag-making machine. This is especially important now that consumers are more conscious of and picky about quality. Non-woven bags are produced by spinning and bonding a polypropylene fiber (PP). Unlike traditional woven bags, the fibers are mechanically and thermally bonded together.

Non-woven bags have become increasingly common in recent years for a variety of reasons.

  • The bags are comfortable and smooth, and they provide adequate storage and security for both the objects and the customer.
  • They’re air-permeable, durable, and can be reused several times.
  • Polypropylene is prized for its ability to withstand elements, including water and fire.
  • PLC-controlled Touch Screen Panel with Advanced Technology helps customers to easily manage system parameters, resulting in high-quality and consistent performance.

What to buy? Semi-automatic or fully automatic non woven bag-making machine?

In the market, many types of non-woven bag-making machines are available. But here we are focusing more on machines that are worth every penny. Since the discussion is whether to buy or which one is best between semi-automatic and fully automatic nonwoven bag-making machines, we will be focusing only on these two types of machines. First question here should be whether or not if you want some human labor on production of bags. Well, semi-automatic machines need a little manpower but fully automatic machines do not. If this is your area of concern then have a thorough research of machines and analyze your needs before making a decision as these types of decisions can affect your business in the long term.

Apart from the requirement of manpower in these two types of machines, there are many other things that you need to know about them. Keep reading to learn more.

Semi-automatic non-woven bag making machine

Semi-automatic non-woven bag-making machines are ideal for those looking to break into the non-woven industry on a shoestring budget. The semi-automatic non-woven machine can produce u cut/w cut bags at the same speed as an automatic machine while requiring less initial investment. Only those who want to make vest bags, u-cut bags, or w-cut bags. Considering that various regulatory bodies are banning poly bags of certain shapes. They will meet the market’s grocery bag needs by purchasing this semi-automatic non-woven bag machine and one tiny punching machine.

Grocery bags are more common, as they are used by sweet shops, fruit sellers, and grocery stores, and the use of such bags is very high, which brings to mind this semi-automatic non-woven bag machine model, which produces at the same speed as an automatic model while being very affordable to beginner businessmen, making it the best project for investment for startup companies.

Working of a semi-automatic non-woven bag making machine

The non-woven fabric roll is conveyed to the folding machine for folding through the machine and equipment, and becomes a tubular shape. Then it is sealed by ultrasonic to form a bag shape. This is the working process of the semi-automatic non-woven bag machine.

Following that, the bags are cut to the desired size, which is operated by a touch control panel. Bags for v-cut and u-cut punching are also available.


While semi-automatic non-woven bag machinery appears to be less practical, it is extremely efficient and has a wide range of applications, including:-

  • U-cut bags
  • W-cut bags
  • Vest bags
  • Side gusset bags
  • Non-woven pouches

Features of semi-automatic bag making machine

Here are some of  the features of this non-woven bag making machine:

  • Feed off can be turned off automatically, and temperature and leaks can be corrected automatically.
  • With a nearby Touch-Screen Device, it’s simple to use.
  • Smoothness of operation
  • Construction that is durable
  • Durable, dependable, and secure
  • Device for automatic waste collection.
  • Exceptional Results
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to operate
  • Ultrasonic technology system
  • Compact design

What is the quality of the bags produced by these machines?

The machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology that, in addition to speeding up your manufacturing process, improves the quality of the finished products. The printing machines are outfitted with cutting-edge components that ensure the best possible print quality on a variety of substrates. You’ll never have to think about consistency when you have these devices at your disposal.

Fully automatic non-woven bag making machine

In the paper bag industry, the fully automatic non woven bag-making machine is very prominent. This machine was created using cutting-edge technology to produce many paper bags. The non-woven bag-making machine makes the best use of all resources and raw materials in order to produce superior quality. The non-woven bags machine works well with minimal human interference, allowing you to save money on labor.

It produces many box bags with a good seal and a tangent look. According to industry requirements, the machine can produce bags in a variety of widths, lengths, and thicknesses.

Getting the right machine at the right price will help you increase your production capacity and increase your return on investment. To get the best non-woven bag-making machine, conduct thorough research and choose a manufacturer that provides the machine with the unique features you need at the most affordable price.


  • Device for feeding rolls automatically
  • Feeding off can be turned off automatically.
  • Hitech ultrasonic welding technology is long-lasting, dependable, and safe.
  • With a touch screen and a man-machine interface, it’s easy to use.
  • Various bag design options are available.
  • System for batch counting and selection
  • Long-lasting, dependable, and safe
  • High tech ultrasonic welding technology

Benefits of fully automatic non-woven bag making machine

  • To meet the needs of all customers, the non woven carry bag-making machine produces a variety of bags based on size, color, style, and shape.
  • The machines run without a hitch to remove any risk of downtime in your manufacturing plant, which could cost you a lot of money.
  • With this machine, you can lower the total cost of your non woven bag project while still meeting deadlines. It comes with a sophisticated plc-controlled touch screen panel that allows you to handle all of its various parameters on your own.
  • The non-woven bag-making machine typically has a large production capacity and a quality control system that never lets you settle for less.
  • You can reduce labor costs and improve manufacturing productivity by integrating fully automatic machines into your production unit.

Application of this non-woven bag making machine

With all the benefits that come along with this machine, you can manufacture the following type of bags with efficiency and great finishing. The machine manufactures outstanding bags that are not only environment friendly but also look good.

The following types of bags can be manufactured with a fully automatic non-woven bag making machine:

  • U-cut bag
  • W-cut bag
  • D-cut bag
  • Side gusset non-woven bag
  • Pouches
  • Shoebags
  • Handle box bag
  • Handle bag
  • 3D box bag
  • Non-woven bag with bottom gusset

#Working of fully automatic non woven bag making machine

To get a clear understanding of how it works, let us see step by step non-woven bag making process:

Step  1: Pneumatic lifters optimize roll feeding.

Step 2: Top mouth fold folding and ultrasonic sealing for d-cut or box bags

Step 3: Fabric is moved to a folder unit where it is folded in the middle for bags or tube folded for U cut bags.

Step 4: Sealing is performed at the same time as tube formation.

Step 5: Fabric moves to v notch and ceasing unit

Step 6: If necessary, nonwoven moves to a D-cut punching machine.

Step 7: Horns perform ultrasonic sealing.

Step 8: The bag is cut to the length needed.

Step 9: Cut bags are gathered and punched with an automatic U-cut or W-cut.

Step 10: After a fully automated operation, the bags are ready.

Non Woven bag-making machines and nonwoven bag printing machines are proving to be the most effective means of fostering entrepreneurship and providing jobs for the masses. These machines use less human resources and produce the most benefit. Since plastic is banned in almost every part of the world, non woven bag-making machines and nonwoven bag printing machines are becoming extremely profitable. People are switching to environmentally friendly goods that can be reused while still looking pleasant.

From the above description of both the machines, it must be quite clear to you what you want and why you want it. Just a reminder that before moving forward make sure that you have done market research about the machines, brands, and dealers. And the most important factor is that the machine shall fall under your budget and check everything before buying it. If you find this article helpful in any way let us know!

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