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Thermal insulation brick heatshrink machine

The progress of science and technology makes packaging equipment industry has a greater degree of development, among which thermal shrinkage machine is the product of science and technology era, representing the achievements of science and technology progress, also provides conditions for the development of packaging industry. The appearance of thermal shrinkage machine makes our packaging have a new pattern, provides greater convenience for our life, and provides the equipment foundation for the enterprise product’s jiamei packaging.

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Shrink wrap machine this kind of packaging equipment is closely related to our life, in our daily purchase of commodity packaging are reflected, such as bottled beer, mineral water, drinks, such as the packaging of products, a large part of the plastic film is used to pack, these are thermal shrinkage machine masterpieces.
Today, there is a new thermal shrinkage machine equipment was born, that is, Tianjin Shuntian Packaging Equipment Co Ltd research and development of thermal insulation brick thermal shrinkage machine, it can be said that thermal insulation brick thermal shrinkage machine is a new type of thermal shrinkage machine in many product categories. SHUNTIAN is a combination of modern high-end technology and traditional shrink wrap packaging machine technology, which better meets the needs of the packaging market and meets the market demand. Thermal insulation brick shrinkage machine is suitable for the packaging of building materials products, such as: floor, door, alloy board, aluminum profile, aluminum ingots, tires, cartons, auto parts, electrical products, etc. Below we come to specific understanding of thermal insulation brick shrinkage machine.
Product features and applicable materials:
With down circulating hot air structure, the height of furnace passage can be freely adjusted, both sides of the shutter can be adjusted, equipped with intelligent temperature control, ac speed regulation, teflon cage conveyor belt or drum conveyor belt. Suitable for PVC, POF, PP and other thermal shrinkage film.
Through detailed understanding, we can see that thermal insulation brick shrinkage machine has unique advantages, first of all, it USES green packaging materials, in line with the development of modern environmental protection concept needs; Secondly, it can be applied to the packaging of various types of products in the range of packaging, with fast packaging speed, which can effectively improve the packaging efficiency; Third, intelligent temperature control, packaging evenly heated, so that packaging effect jiamei; Very after, small quality, simple structure, easy to install and operate enterprises.
Advanced technology, a number of little collection of thermal insulation brick thermal shrinkage machine appeared in the market, by the market love, welcomed by customers.

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